The Girl Who Knows Everything

People say it's unfair that you don't tell

But knowing everything

Doesn't make it show and tell

People have trusted you with secrets

You have overheard things you shouldn't

But people think you're so lucky

And that you're so stubborn

Because you keep it secret

You hide

And only to yourself confide

They don't realize

That why you keep quiet

Is to protect them from the danger that a waits

You're only trying to hide the lies

It hurts enough to hear them yourself

To know that the ones you love

The words they've spoken to you

Mean nothing

To know that what they're telling one person

Is another to you

That everyone hates you

Everyone thinks you're a snake

A nutcase

To know that your best friend's boyfriend

Is going out with another girl

To know one person's troubles

And weaknesses

To have to choose between which

You should tell and which you need to tell

To have the responsibility

Of destroying someone or let them be

Or turning them in to get help

Why was I placed with this curse?

She wonders at night

People don't get

How their life could get worse

But let me tell you this

When you know everything

The world is placed on your shoulders

When you know everything

That person's future

Good or bad

Depends on who you do and don't tell

When you know everything

You wish you knew nothing

When you know everything

You're forced to do something

For good or bad

It affects you

And you wish that the words they speak are true

But of course they're not

And you know this

Just like you know everything else

But you wish you didn't

Because you don't want to hurt

Someone else

You just want to make things right

So you see,

I'm the girl who knows everything

The girl who needs to know nothing

And the girl who although

She doesn't want to

Has to do something