There was once a time when my world was full of light...but that's all gone now. That light has now vanished and been replaced by the darkness. I have become the very thing I despised most in the world. The thing that my family has hated for centuries, and there's nothing I can do to change that.

All I have now are the memories of the past as I travel further into the future. Those precious memories are the only happiness I have now. I still remember that day...the day my life had ended. I can still see it. That cold winter night. The night when the blood of the innocent had flooded the world.

It was a cold winter night when the war had started. We waited for our father to arrive from his journey. It was his job to protect our village from the blood sucking demons. The creatures that revealed themselves at night to feed. Our family got stuck with the role as the Guardians. We were the protectors and it was our job to keep our people safe from those vicious creatures. It had been this way from the beginning.

We sat by the window and waited for our father. I remember sitting there for hours until it began to snow. It looked as if a storm was approaching and we feared our father wouldn't make it back safely. My brother sat by me that night as he prayed for our father to return home soon. My brother had grown ill during the past few weeks. His condition seemed to be worsening and the doctors didn't know what to do. They believed he didn't have much time left here. Seeing my father was the only thing he wished for.

"Rebekah, come downstairs!" My mother called out.

"Coming!" I shouted back, as I headed out the room. I remember glancing over at him before I started running downstairs. I never would have thought that, that would be the last memory I'd have of him.

I headed towards the kitchen area to find my mother preparing dinner for us. She had four plates set up for all of us. She had still been expecting our father to return from his long trip. My mother was the most beautiful woman in the village. She had many admirers before she married my father. People used to say she looked like an angel and she still did. She was caring, kindhearted, and selfless. She always put others first and tried her best to please everyone.

She had beautiful long blonde hair that she always kept tied in a ponytail. Her skin was as white as the snow. Her eyes were as blue as the morning sky. She was very thin and still looked very young for a mother of two. She was perfect...and the exact opposite of me. My wavy blonde hair was always a mess. My skin was a pasty pale color. While her cheeks were nice and rosy, my face had practically no color at all. My eyes were a pale blue color that made my eyes look very odd. I was nothing like my mother and I was nowhere near to being as beautiful as she was.

"You called for me?" She turned around with a smile on her face. I used to love seeing her smile. I always felt so warm inside.

"Can you keep an eye on dinner for me? It's time for your brother to take his medicine." I nodded as she smiled and headed upstairs.

I kept on stirring the soup as my mother took care of my brother. I had to keep it warm or it wouldn't be any good later. I remember staring out the window that night and thinking how peaceful it was here. My father had always made sure to keep this place safe from those demons. I always admired him for that. Then I remember it started to snow...and I knew he wouldn't be able to make it home.

"Rebekah!" My mother shouted, as I dropped everything to see what had happened. When I headed over I saw my mother running down the stairs with my brother in her arms. He was unconscious as he kept struggling to breathe.

"What's going on?" I asked, frightened as I watched my brother fighting for his life as it became more difficult for him to breathe.

"Somethings wrong! I must take him to Dr. Ross before it's too late..." Her voice sounded shaky as she explained the situation to me. She was on the brink of tears, because we both knew that there was nothing more the Doctor could do. We both knew he wouldn't be able to live long enough to see father again.

"Mother you can't go out there! There's a storm coming and it might only worsen his condition!" She hesitated to open the door, but I knew she wouldn't give up so easily. She grabbed her coat before she opened the door all the way, letting in the cold air.

"We can't just sit here and do nothing! Stay here and wait for your father to come home..." She ordered, before she disappeared into the storm.

I did what she told me and waited for someone to come home. I didn't know if my mother would make it there safely. I didn't know if my brother would have been able to survive. I didn't know anything and all I could do was wait. Wait for my mother to come home smiling like she always did. For my brother to come back looking better than ever. To find my father finally arrive safely back home. I didn't know what was going to happen next and all I did was wait. I waited and waited for hours...but no one ever came back.

I remember falling asleep that night without even realizing it. I also remember waking up to the sound of villagers screams. I could hear them screaming in pain and fear. They kept calling out for help and I didn't know what to do. When I peeked through the window I found them all running for their lives. I didn't know what they were running from...but I eventually caught on.

I watched as those creatures began tearing apart the entire village. They slaughtered as many villagers as they could catch. As I watched them die in front of my eyes I knew my father wouldn't be coming home. The fact that these creatures were able to step into our town meant my father had failed. He was no longer with us anymore.

I wasn't prepared for this. I had no idea how I was going to fix any of this...but I knew I had to figure out a way. Our family had been doing this for centuries and I was the only one left who could fix this. I didn't have a choice. I had to figure out a way to save these people or I would have disgraced my family.

There was an underground room that had the equipment to deal with those monsters. The room was protected by a spell to keep those creatures out. They couldn't step foot into this room and for a moment I thought I could have just hid there until they were gone. I would have been safe...but my mother and brother were still out there. I knew I didn't have a choice but to face those bloodsuckers.

I didn't really know how to use the equipment that well. I had seen my father practiced tons of times, and he taught me a few tricks to survive those demons attacks. I wasn't a professional but I knew a few ways to protect myself. My father had taught me in case one of those things ever threatened to hurt us. Unfortunately, he only taught me how to protect them from one or two vampires. From what I saw it seemed like there was an entire army out there attacking us. I knew I wouldn't be able to protect them all...and that I probably wouldn't make it out alive. I knew that, but this was what I was born to do. I wasn't going to turn my back on everyone...even if that meant I would have to die trying.

I took one last look around the house before I left. I knew that this was going to be the last time I would be able to see it...or at least that's what I thought. After that I took a deep breath and opened the door wide open. I remember how cold my body felt as I stepped out into the storm. The entire world that was meant to be covered in snow...was drowned in blood.

What happened next is difficult to remember. It all happened so fast and it all just seems like a big blur now. I know I fought for as long as I could, but there was no way I could have taken them all down myself. I remember being thrown down the hill and crashing into the pile of dead bodies. I remember how frightening it was...when I found my mothers body beside me. My brother and her had died together that night. I remember how heart broken I felt and let my emotions get the better of me. That's when the attackers decided to finish me off.

I didn't see the face of my killer but I remember the pain. I remember how cold his hands were and how painful it was when he sunk his teeth into my neck. After that everything just faded to darkness and I started growing lighter. Then a few moments later the pain started to return. It felt like my entire body was burning from the inside. It was like everything inside me was being destroyed and I couldn't scream or move. It was like that for what felt like forever.

The next thing I knew I woke up in the snow. Dead bodies laid out all around me. The white snow had been stained with red blood. I remember how strong and powerful I felt. Everything was clearer and a lot easier. I didn't even need to breathe anymore...because I didn't need the air anymore. That's when I realized that I wasn't alive...I had become one of 'them.'

For centuries our family had been trying to understand how one becomes a 'vampire.' Many who are bitten survive the process and are turned, while others die instantly. I've come to believe that it all depends on the knowledge you have about these creatures, and how strong your body is. I was one of the survivors...but I wasn't alive.

I remember once I realized what I much I wanted to die. I grabbed one of the villagers guns on the ground beside me. As a member of this family I was born to destroy as many of those creatures as I could. I thought since I was one...I had no choice but to destroy myself. I stared at the night sky as placed the gun to my head. I knew if I shot myself now and did not feed...then I wouldn't be able to heal. I thought this was what I had to do...but then I realized how wrong I was.

Before I could pull the trigger the gun had disappeared. Someone had snatched the gun away from me before I could even blink. When I looked around the area I found the person who had saved my life. My brother stood there, looking better than ever, with the gun in his hand. We had argued about how we should end our lives because that's what we were born for...but then he showed me how wrong I had been.

We were immortal which meant we'd live for eternity. We were now just as strong and powerful as they were. We would be able to take them down now, because we were finally on the same level. He taught me that this was the real reason we were born. We were turned to rid this world of those demons and we both knew that it would take centuries to figure out how to do so. Now, we had all the time in the world. We could take these creatures down forever and avenge our village. This was our destiny.

We burned the bodies of all the villagers so that none of them would be able to return as one of 'them.' That also meant burning the body of our mother. The people we once were...were gone now. We had watched our people die right in front of our eyes. We had gone through the pain of being reborn. We had been the ones to burn our own mothers there was nothing we couldn't do.

We never killed humans, but instead had fed from the blood of our own kind. We killed and drank from the same creatures we had become. According to our fathers research, a vampire could only become stronger by drinking the blood of another that was even more stronger. That way we would be able to become stronger than any vampire out there.

We burned the homes of the villagers and hid in our home deep in the woods. As time passed, the trees began to grow around our area and we were hidden from civilization. Our plan was to find out a way to destroy every one of these creatures...including ourselves. Once we rid this world of them then we would go along with them. Centuries we have been searching for a way to do so...and now finally we've figured it out. Of course, it won't be easy...but that's what makes it so much more fun.