Chapter 5

Chapter 5

It was now dawn and the figure had fallen asleep on a bale of hay. I was still laid on my stomach observing the person carefully, while Zoe and Josh had gone back to sleep. The figure had mouse brown hair and his skin colour was fair, almost vampire-like. I narrowed my eyes. I wasn't dreaming when I saw Daniel get pulled out of the van, so how in hell can he be here. Quickly glancing at my watch, I yawned. It was around midday and I had to use matchsticks to keep my eyes open, figuratively speaking of course. Moving my deep green eyes back to the figure, I saw nothing but hay and the two bags that had accompanied them. Frantically, I searched the barn, staying in my prone position. Then I heard the unmistakeable click of the safety being taken off a pistol, right behind me. I gulped and thought about my next move. I thought back to my training and decided to completely ignore all the health and safety rules, we were after all in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Kicking my right leg up, I heard the person take a large intake of air as her buckled over and fell to the ground. I grabbed my own weapon and held him down by the throat. He fought back swinging an unexpected punch into my gut, winding me. He forced me on to my back and curled his hands around my throat effectively cutting off my air supply. Gasping I grabbed hold of the hem of his jeans and pulled hard, yanking him of his feet and onto his back. Quickly grabbing my gun, I grabbed him by the throat again and this time pressed the muzzle of my weapon in the centre of his forehead.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" I rasped.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were one of them" the figure said, holding his hands up in defeat.

"Who are you?" I almost growled my trigger finger nearly meeting its destination and putting a bullet in his forehead. The telltale signs of a bite mark littered his shoulder and right bicep.

"My name is Adam, I used to work for the family that once lived here"

"And the bags where did you get them?"

"I found them in the woods, just laying there"

"Impossible the guy who had them, was pulled out of the van with those bags in hand, so I repeat my question how did you get them?"

"I found them in the woods it's the truth" he coughed the effects of the bite, taking over him. I stepped back, watching him writhe and flail about in pain. Biting the inside of my cheek, I pulled my silencer out of my back pocket and attached it to my weapon. I nodded at Josh and he covered Zoe's eyes, making her cover her ears with her own hands. Carefully treading over to Adam, I pointed the weapon at his forehead and pulled the trigger, causing silence to fill the barn. I swallowed and took the silencer off my weapon and placed them back in the bag.

"Stay here" I whispered to Josh and made my way down to where the other bags were. Pulling on my black leather gloves, I opened the bag and was hit with an overwhelming smell of rotten flesh. Holding my breath, I searched the bag making sure that all the weapons were there. Picking the bag up, I moved to where my bag was.

"Josh stay with Zoe, I'm going to go scout out a route okay?" He nodded and grabbed a blanket for her. Picking up my shotgun and , I climbed down the ladder and headed out of the barn. The sun was beating down on the ground, making the puddles evaporate into vapour. My shoes hit the marsh that used to be the grass. Cursing, I pulled my gun out of its housing, and kept it pointed at the ground as I walked. I kept close to the edge of the forest, making sure that the barn was still behind me. Managing to reach a country road, I looked around it was unusually quiet. Clicking my tongue, I looked to my left the barn was still insight, so I would have no trouble getting back. I stopped at a blood pool in the middle of the road and knelt down beside it. Dabbing my forefinger in the puddle, I rubbed it between my finger and thumb; it was fresh, no more than a few hours old. Wiping the blood onto a hedge beside me, I spotted a blood trail. Now my rational side was screaming at me to go back to the barn and stay there, out of harm's way, but my curiousness got the better of me and, I followed the trail. The drops began to thin out about half a mile down at a cross-road. Narrowing my eyes, I scanned the horizon for any signs of movement. Nothing, just fields, some hedges, not even any wildlife roamed the surrounding area. Something was wrong very wrong and I didn't like it one bit. Looking back down at the blood trail, I saw that, even though it was fading, it had veered off into a nearby, field. The internal debate was ripping my insides up, but I followed my curiosity again and followed the trail. It was now midday and the sun was high in the sky, covering every inch of land with its radiant rays and unbearable heat. The blood trail came to an end, near a water trough. I sighed and looked around again, I had a really bad feeling and that was not good. The boss use to joke, that and I quote 'If Michelle Northbridge has a bad feeling then it's the end of the world' it didn't seem so funny now. Trudging back to the road, I housed my gun in its holster and began my walk back to the barn. The air around me was muggy, and a small bead of sweat trickled down the side of my face. I wiped it off with my shirt collar and carried on walking. Instead of walking along the forest line again, I jumped over the wall dividing the road and the field and made a beeline for the barn. Once inside, I did a quick check of the lower floor, before making my way up the ladder to Josh and Zoe. They were playing with some cards that Josh had in his pocket.

"Is everything okay?" Josh asked a worried tone to his voice. I nodded.

"I want everything packed up and ready to go, in ten minutes" They both nodded and began packing up, as I dug through my camping bag for a bottle of water. Twisting the cap off the bottle, I pressed the plastic to my lips and let the cool liquid flow down my throat. Placing the cap back on the bottle, I threw it back into my bag and pulled my hair up into a ponytail using the hair tie on my wrist.

"Everything good to go?" I asked swinging both my camping and weapon bags up onto my bag. Josh nodded and swung the other weapon bag onto his shoulder, while so muttered a reply and picked her own little backpack up.

"Okay let's go and stay close" I said as I climbed down the ladder and opened the barn door. We followed the path; I took earlier and began walking down the country road. When we reached the crossroads, we turned right and began walking again. It was now mid-afternoon and the sun was still fairly high in the sky. As we trekked on, I thought about how everything had changed in one night. Everything had gone from being fairly normal, too absolutely out of this world strange. Sighing, I shifted the bags to my other shoulder and turned to make sure that the others were still following me. Zoe was drinking a bottle of water, while Josh was putting on a baseball cap, which he had found in one of the bags. By nightfall we had reached a deserted house. The door was hanging off its hinges, and all the windows were either broken or cracked. Stepping inside, I quietly placed the bags down, before taking my gun out its holster. Digging my torch out of my back pocket, I stealthy searched the house to makes sure that we wouldn't have any unexpected quests. The beam of the torch shone brightly leaving eerie shadows as it passed over furniture. Making my way into the kitchen, I switch the light on, before scanning around the room, what I saw next made me freeze, and drop my torch shattering the casing that held it together.