Dear You,

I realize that seems quite out of the ordinary and all of a sudden. But love has been known to fly out of the blue. Though we have just met, I know that is what this feeling is. Can you feel it too? Don't worry love; we are not alone in our passions. We are still young and unpredictable in our behavior; some "adults" may say we are still but children. I say we do know. We are old enough. The beauty of our situation is this: love has no minimum age, it has no age limit. If those on their deathbeds can fall to blissful dreaming, why not we two?

I'm aware that neither your parents nor mine are privy to our light, but does that not make this notion all the more exhilarating? Isn't the battle more easily fought with the enemy asleep at their posts? My mother and father—as with yours I'm sure—sought to protect me from life's true pleasures. But I am sure. I need no protection from you. Contrarily, it may be you who needs the protection from me. However, if this feeling of mine is requited, you've nothing to fear.

I assure you, I want no grandeurs of comfort. I merely pray that you send your reply in haste. But I implore you; do not be hasty in your reply. Be swift love, but take care not to trip over your words. I can sense your puzzlement in the paradoxical favors I ask. But in truth I mean no confusion. I have myself in knots. Now I have said my piece. I wish you peace of mind. If this letter finds you without it, you may take mine. I need it not. All I ever shall need is my heart; my head, I use it not.

Awaiting in angst,

The girl you've yet to meet.