Once upon a time there was a dream. The dream was quite small and was only shared by a handful of people. As the dream grew it took form, at first people thought it was harmless, just a dream shared by many, a cute fantasy that allowed them a brief escape, but as the dream grew and took form it became aware.

The dream began to show itself when people were awake, it called itself an imaginary friend. But it was afraid, it knew that if people stopped dreaming it would disappear. The dream wanted to be real, it wanted to be more than a reflection.

So the dream began to grow in more people it spread itself through conscious minds like an infection, begging for friendship and offering companionship. The little dream shared the dreams of many and became lonely in its reflected existence. When the dream felt strong enough, it settled on one consciousness and drove it out, stealing a solid physical form.

The dream had never been solid before, the sensations were almost to much to bare, feelings almost more than anything as the dream became keenly aware of just how alone it was. Even with all the real friends it had collected, it longed for the feeling it had shared in others. The longing was compacted by the feeling of dying, for while a dream could fade, a body would die.

Every day became a struggle for a dream that had trapped itself in mortal form. Still connected to the dream world and to all the friends it had made but trapped alone with heightened sensations until it was released with death.

The dream became afraid, in its fear it began infecting others again. Still connected to its old world and to all the people who had dreamed it, the dream spread a darkness from its new conscious. Its friends began to experience bad luck as jobs were lost, friends became enemies and in the worst cases, lives were taken. The dream saw the bad that was happening and became even more fearful over what bad could happen when it disappeared.

During all its worry, the dream noticed a bright star. The star was radiant and good and the dream ached to be near to it. Whenever the dream was near to the star, it felt better and when the star smiled the dream felt as though going on might not be so hard. The dream realized it had found the feeling it had once shared before it became conscious and it longed to be near the star always.

But the dream had already begun to degrade. One night, the dream had a dream. It shared that dream with no one, but in its heart it wept, for it had dreamed the star gave it affection and the dream realized it was no longer a dream. It had become fully conscious and fully mortal. It wept because how could a star ever part with its affection for an ordinary mortal, no matter how imagined he may have looked. The dream realized he loved a star, but could never expect that love in return because he could not go to the star and he would never ask the star to come to him.

As his connection to the dream world faded, the dream felt an increasing longing for his star and often dreamed of it. Even into old age, he longed to be near his star and looked to it often, and whenever he came across a young dream he warned it against becoming real, he warned it to stay a dream where it could live with the stars and never be alone.

The old dream never sought out love from any other source, he loved his star to much that the thought of releasing a one sided love felt to much like betrayal that even when the star fell in love with another bright and beautiful body the old dream could not let go. Like the dream he was, he felt sad for himself, but shared in the joy of knowing his love was happy, even without him.

Eventually the dream died and those who remained tied to him in mortality mourned his loss. An especially close friend buried his body in a field so it could always be able to see the stars and prayed that he could become a dream again and share in love so he would never feel his loneliness again.