Love Letters

The forget-me-nots tell you to forget what you can't,
And one day you will.
The daffodils tell you to forgive what you can't,
And one day you will.
The salty tide of time is ready to clean your wounds,
And the love in the smiles of friends to dress them.
Life says "I am every flower, rabbit and raincloud,
I've painted a landscape for you,
Won't you hang it up in your heart?"
The birds are singing, sunbeams playing on the piano,
"And I on the harp", says the wind,
"If only you listen."
"I am", the beech-tree gravely declares,
"A love letter."
"So what?" the brook lightly laughs, „so are we all!"
And I sense
Someone behind them
And a still small voice
Asking you,
Can you read them?