Don't Drop Me in the Water (Poem)

Drop me in the water,

I will fall.

Pull me into the murky depths,

Let me be lost again.


Don't walk away from me.

I'm afraid of the waves that crash over me,

The currents that drag me down.

Come back for me.

You won't find me.


Release me here in the dark.

Here it is safe.

Walk with me into the night.


I can't see you anymore.

I'm blinded by the silence between us.

Bound and chained and left to die alone,

Betrayed by my own.


Lead me into the day,

Show me what I can truly be.

Tell me what everyone sees.

You see beauty, I only see me.


Drop me in the water.

Teach me to swim.

Help me through the rain.

I am here at the crossroads,

Which path do I take?