A/N: I wrote this poem after seeing this wonderful picture of a butterfly boat. :) [You can look it up on google. I just looked up surrealism pictures]

Vessels -

I longingly watched the sailing vessels,

As they moved placidly to the valley in the sea.

The beautiful wooden boats and the mildly moving sea had yet to nestle.

Persistently, the butterfly sails reminded me of the gaiety between us.

Now, you are fixedly out to sea, our friendship turned to rust.

Go softly, old comrade! I will oftly regard you, and I pray, remember me you must!

The ships flutter away, water and vessel moving harmoniously.

Internally, I long to be beside you, sailing into eternity.

The butterfly sails will remind me of the luminous starburst in your eyes frequently.

Oh! Go softly, old friend! As you sail to the valley in the sea.