Our Secret

for so long my life
had been shrouded in sorrow
pale mists wafting through my heart
drenching my innermost soul
with liquid leaden melancholy

but now
the heavy acid tears have been stroked away by
our secret

so deeply my heart
had been pierced by pain
little needles of darkness
stinging and burning restlessly
in poisonous exultation

but all
the sore festering faults have been cleansed away by
our secret

have touched on wounds
and blood
has mingled with blood
exchanged for hope
and death
exchanged for love

a lonely broken life
replaced by
our secret

happiness – more
than a word again – laughter has been reborn by
our secret

yet freely
will I face the fog
will I take on the rain
willingly with a sigh
will I embrace the pain again

to bequeath to
others, to pass on to them
our secret.