Put on your happy face,

and face the day.

You're hurting, but people can't tell.

There's no way.

You're so vulnerable,

but people can't tell.

It's because of the mask

you wear so well.

You're hurting inside,

but no one knows.

No one helps you,

so your self hatred grows.

You get called names,

but you don't show pain.

Inside you're crying,

but you keep your face plain.

You try not to let it get to you,

but your attempts don't work.

The best you can do,

is walk off with a smirk.

Inside you're screaming,

crying, and dying.

Outside, you put on the look

like you're not even trying.

You act like you're tough,

like you can handle anything at all.

The sad thing is,

you know you're gonna fall.

You try to believe that if you

hide your emotions from yourself,

things will get better,

and so will your health.

But the sad thing is,

your efforts are for nothing.

Telling yourself it gets better

is truly bluffing.

It doesn't get better.

The pain is always there.

Don't tell yourself it gets better.

That's just unfair.

So continue to wear your mask.

The mask you wear so well.

But know I understand.

We're both going through this hell.