He's grunting, I'm grunting.

At first the pace was steady, slow and steady as he asked me if I was okay and I told him yes and to go faster, faster. I want to feel myself scream as I wring my arms around his neck and scream like I've never screamed before.

There are so many things wrong with this picture.

One, there's a ring on his finger, there a purity ring on mine.

Two, he's thirty three,(?) thirty eight (?), forty (?) (I never bothered to ask) and I'm barely learning how to drive.

Four, He has three kids, I live with my parents as a only child ("We should of known she'd do this! She was always so depressed".)

Five, he's a husband/teacher/Dad, and I'm a crazy girl who shouldn't be doing this.

But it's ohsofuckinghard. I want him, that ring is nothing but expensive ("I worked for 5 months straight plus overtime for this baby") metal. (Itshouldbeonmyfinger,) The woman who wears (owns) the other part doesn't deserve it.

Ohmygawd. "Ohmygawd. Ohmyfuckingfuckinggod." he's mumbling over and over again like a prayer as all I could think is how sexy it is hearing him curse. ("Teachers aren't supposed to curse, they're supposed to be role models.") I can feel his breath against my neck and the fangs flash in the overly florescent lights. I feel papers swim around my back and pencils rattle because I crash into them.

Finally he screams, I scream. I arch my back and he's going way past I expected him to. I can feel myself dripping and feel disgusting but oh so great as the adrenaline pumps through my veins and into my head giving me a total rush.

We dress back in silence and as I adjust my blouse I smile at him like nothing just happened and we didn't just commit one of the deadliest sins ("Uh, gluttony, pride, wrath, vanity, sloth, acedia, and oh lust." [Who knew such a bible thumper could be that damn badl?])

I walk out the door and before he can open his mouth I just wave my hand and know what he's thinking.

"I know, I won't tell a soul. I'll see you after lunch next period."