Another World War is upon us.

That isn't new, it happens every year.

All their lives, a select few of each generation are trained as warriors. When the time comes, one lucky warrior is chosen to represent their nation and fight in the World Wars. They fight not only for honor, glory, and survival, but to raise up their nation. For whoever wins the World Wars, their country rules the Earth for the next year, and the winner becomes a legend.

The losers die.

Year after year, this cycle repeats. The warriors fight, they kill, they die. Nations rise and fall as a result of the World Wars.

Last year, a great German hero named Drago Highsmith won World War LXXIII. Though Germany has ruled wisely, many others feel that it is time for this reign to end. The new Germany – Kayla – must now fight, not only to keep Germany in power, but to survive. Unbeknownst to her, however, this World War won't be like the rest.

Because Russia and Antarctica start pulling at the strings. Because Germany makes a forbidden discovery. Because unlikely heroes overturn the odds. Because forgotten nations rise from the dust.

Because a new challenger appears.

This is World War LXXIV.

Let the games begin.