Just One

Just one conversation

Something to get me through the day

I'm not asking much

Just a few minutes of your time

And maybe

Just one smile

To save for later

It's weird I know

But I just want

One kiss

Just to see what I can't have

I know I'll regret it later but

Just one day

All day

Just you and I

We can do whatever you want

I just need

One week

What if I'm that one you've been looking for

Maybe it'll hurt but you can't know until you try

One month

Just to make sure you give me a fair chance

A week isn't nearly enough

To see how good we could be

One year

That's better than the rest

I know we could make it that far

We're both looking for that high school relationship that lasts

Improbable though it may be

Just one lifetime

It isn't nearly enough

But I guess it'll have to do

I know it seems like a lot

And it might look like I'm moving too fast

This could be perfect though

It could be everything we both want

So why don't we give us

Just one shot