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Two days later and my last-first day of high school arrived. I was in homeroom happily chatting away with my friends and fellow cheerleaders –Yes; I am a cheerleader along with Madison who happens to be the cheer captain – as we waited for our teacher to enter the classroom.

"So, how was everyone's summer," Anna asked. Anna's the co-captain of the squad and only because she's our coach's daughter. If she wasn't her daughter, my friend Tracey would be in her place. Anna's also considered a slut and only talks to whoever she considers "popular" and their siblings (if they don't look like what she calls "rabid trash"). If you're a cousin, you have zero chance of talking to her unless you have good looks or money. She tolerates Alissa though, mainly because her mother is a well-known French actress and Alissa's boyfriend is the captain of the soccer team.

"Ugh! I'd rather not talk about mines," Lacey said shaking her chin length hair.

"Mom made her get a job," said her twin sister, Tracey.

"Tracey!" she exclaimed.

"What? It's true," Tracey protested. I smiled.

"Alright class, settle down," our teacher said walking into the classroom, pushing up his glasses. "I am Mr. Barnes, your last and hopefully your final English teacher of your high school lives. Knowing that you are all seniors, you will not be given a seating chart. If you become immature and uncivilized you will receive one. Understand?" Everyone nodded. "Good, your syllabus is on your desk. If you do not have one please raise your hand as I call roll."

"Lacey Armstrong," he called.


"Tracey Armstrong."

"Here!" she waved happily and everyone laughed.

"Trishona Bellows." Someone laughed.


"Anna Blessit."

"Present as ever," she said flipping her long blond hair.

A knock sounded and Mr. Barnes motioned for someone to answer it.

"Alexander Clemens?"

"Here, sir."

"Umm, excuse me Mr. Barnes," called a female voice from the other side of the door.

"Yes, Mrs. Blalack," Mr. Barnes answered, obviously irritated by the interruption. "What is it?"

"You have another student," she said.

"Alright, bring him in," he said.

Gasps broke out from all over the room.

"Hubba, Hubba," Lacey said and some of the group laughed. I looked up to see what all of the commotion was about and immediately my breath caught in my throat and my body instantly became rigid.

"Everyone," Mrs. Blalack began. "I want you all to meet Anzio Guiseppe. He's an exchange student from Italy and he will only be here for the first semester. So, please treat him nicely."

"You know I will," Anna said quietly, biting her bottom lip.

"He probably can't even speak English," said the jock sitting behind me.

"Sup," Anzio said to the class, winking at Tracey. She swooned and then his dark blue eyes met mine. Slowly, I began to breathe again and I lightly touched my hair.

"That's probably the only word he knows," said the jock behind me and I actually smiled.

"Shut up, Drake," I whispered, not taking my eyes off of Anzio.

Drake leaned over my shoulder, "What was that, sexy?" Trying to suppress a smile I growled and pushed his face back from my shoulder and he laughed.

"You can sit next to…" Mr. Barnes scanned the room for an empty seat. Then he looked questioningly at me. "Miss?"

"Marano," I said in a perfect Italian accent, glaring at Anzio. He only smiled. He nodded towards Mr. Barnes and slowly made his way to the seat beside me as I groaned.

"Logan," he said harshly.

"Guiseppe," I replied looking straight ahead.

"You two know each other," Drake asked surprised by his use of English.

"Apparently," Anzio answered.

"Sadly," I answered.

"Hmmmm…..wonder what that means," Anna asked smiling at Drake and I looked to Madison for support. She smiled sympathetically.

"Yeah, me too," Drake agreed. "You should join us for lunch, Anzio."

"Totally," Anna agreed. I turned to glared at Drake and he winked.

"Alright class, back to the roll," Mr. Barnes said as Mrs. Blalack exited the room.

"I can't believe you already know such a hottie, Marano," Anna said enthusiastically at lunch. "But why the tension between you two? Did you guys ever have chemistry before? Do you still like him?"

"No Anna," I replied sharply. "We never had chemistry."

"Oh feisty," she said smiling evilly. "And you're so tense."

"She said no. Now back off, Anna," Madison interjected.

"Well then, I guess I should make my move," she said pulling out her mirror.

"Witch," I said under my breath.

"Hey guys," Alissa said sitting down at the table along with Drake and her boyfriend Nick.

"Sup," I said. Everyone else said their hellos and I noticed Tracey and Lacey guiding Anzio to our table.

"Hey guys," said the twins sitting down.

"Have you guys met Anzio yet," Lacey said pointing to him.

"A few of us have," Drake answered as Anzio blankly set his eyes on me. I stared back.

"Well I'm Nick," Alissa's boyfriend said. "I'm the captain of the soccer team and co-captain of the basketball team and this pretty lady over here is my girlfriend."

"Hi," Alissa smiled at him. "I'm Alissa."

"I'm her best friend Madison," Madison said. "I was in your first period with Logan, Drake, Anna, and the twins."

"Yea, I remember," he smiled. "Hey Alissa." She smiled.

"So Anzio," Nick said. "Drake and I have a little interview with the newbies that we invite to our table, even if you're on a sports team."

"An interview," Anzio asked nervously, sending me a questioning look. I ignored him.

"Don't worry," Alissa assured. I sent her a 'why-are-you-being-so-nice-look' and she smiled innocently. "It's not meant to harm you."

"Oh. Ok," he said and calmed down.

"Hard questions first," Nick said. "Why'd you come to America and for what purpose?"

"I came here to learn, check out the scenery, and to take care of personal business."

"Good answer," Drake said. "How and when did you meet my Logan?"

"Your Logan," I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You know you love me," he said playfully.

"Shut up," I blushed.

"My offer still stands," he whispered into my ear.

"Drake," I warned softly.

"I met Logan in Italy," Anzio answered interrupting our almost playful banter now looking at Drake. "We're neighbors back in Italy."

"You're Italian, Marano?" Drake asked.

"Yes Drake," I sighed. "I'm Italian."

"That's so sexy," He grinned flirtatiously.

"Give it a rest, Drake," I said.

"How come you don't have an accent and he does?" Anna asked.

"I wasn't born in Italy so I never developed it," I answered.

"Oh. Ok," she said.

"So Anzio, you play any sports," Nick asked.

"A few," he answered. I noticed a glimmer of pride shine in his eyes. "I played a little basketball, ran track and field, and back at home I was the team captain of what you guys call soccer."

"Nice," Nick said. "Basketball season starts in October. Even though you'll only be playing for a short time . . . if they accept you."

"Alright, I'll think about it," he replied taking the hint.

"Good," Nick said.