a/n: so we had an assignment in Advanced Composition….a dialogue between two things (people, objects, elements…anything) that were in conflict with each other. It should be of no surprise that the first thing that came to my mind had a sadistic note to it. I wish I could've gotten a picture of the look on my seventy-something teacher's face as she read through the first part – priceless! Haha d: anyways, I hope you enjoy! I had fun writing it, though one day I may go back and make it more…dark. Leave a review if it tickles your fancy (:

~Reis (The one who loves unicorns because they're horses that can stab people. And that makes them one level higher on the awesome scale.)


"Please, don't do this."



"I've got just as much say in this as you do. You know that."

"Lies! What have I done to you to deserve this? Please, I beg you, don't hurt me."

"It's really not my choice, buddy. You're too plain… too white… too mainstream. Think about it in a logical way. I'm going to help you become beautiful."

"Beautiful? That's poppycock! All you're going to do is stab me so that someone else can come and cover up the wound."

"Settle down; it won't be that bad."

"Says you, who's never had a hole pierced into his side before."

"Stop whining, it's annoying! Besides, I'm going to do it regardless of what you say."

"But I'm scared! I don't want you to hurt me! Please don't, I'm begging you!"

"Your pleas are falling on deaf ears. This is going to be done, I've got my orders to follow, and they don't come from you."

"No… please… there must be something I can do… anything! Don't ram another spike through my side."

"I'll make it as quick and painless as possible."

"Like that even matters! It will still hurt long after your job is done."

"I do sympathize for you, but as I said before, there's really nothing I can do about it. It's got to be done."

*Terrified whimper*


"Sorry doesn't stop the pain."

And then the unstoppable – the inevitable – happened. The hammer pounded the smooth, shiny nail into the wall. As promised, the hammer made fast work of it, and the nail was secured into the drywall in a matter of seconds. The wall's prediction was also correct: soon after the nail had been driven into it, someone hung a picture on it, covering the wound of the helpless, innocent wall.