When I was a child I heard many kinds of stories, tales of valor, tales of treason, but this one was my favorite. It was told to me by an old woman, wrinkled with age who told me many of stories as long as I could remember.

Long ago, before time began, there was a giant being. This being was all alone and in the darkness. It longed to find something like itself and wandered through the darkness. After much time of fruitless searching, it decided to create something to keep the loneliness away. It split itself into two and with that it was no longer alone. Together they built a home; first was the foundation. They created mud and shaped it into a sphere. With the mud they shaped mountains and valleys. They created water and sprinkled the sphere creating the oceans and the seas. They painted half the sky blue with white clouds and the other half black littered with small glittering glowing orbs. But their home was not enough to keep them from feeling lonely, so they decided to create their children.

They first used marble and molded a tall beautiful girl with flowing, elegant hair. As she grew, she also found that she could control and manipulate her parents' creations easily. The elements bowed to her every whim, fire and water danced before her and the earth molded itself into whatever she wanted. As an adult she was patient and wise, she understood nature and it understood her.

The last they created was a short and stout and made from granite. The youngest later found his gift was crafting with anything given to him. Despite his physique and enormous strength he could shape anything with any material and turn it into a beautiful piece of art. However, he was single minded and had a very short temper and lashed out with anyone who tried his patience.

The middle child had neither of the physical characteristics of his siblings. Made of quartz, he was granted the abilities of both but did not specialize in either field. Because this, he felt envious and out of place with no special abilities to call his own he could only admire his brother and sister who could do such spectacular things from afar.

When the beings were done creating their children, they left their creations to play in the home they lived for so long and became the sun and the moon, to forever watch over them. The first child started the race of elves, who lived amongst the elements which they control freely. The youngest child started the race of dwarves who lived in the earth to find all kinds of material to craft with. The middle child started the humans who scattered and lived all over the earth not preferring one place to the other.

And this was how the three races came to be and will continue to be. All related as one family with their parents watching over them and with them to look over each other.