The Riddle Of Life

I am blind when I'm looking around me,
But closing my eyes I can see;
sitting in silence I'm speaking –
and only fettered I'm free.

My key to finding is losing,
Through fasting my hunger is stilled,
By giving away I'm receiving,
Pouring out myself I am filled.

That which I thought was the picture
I found to be only the frame;
And the painting is made a mirror,
So that lover and loved are the same.

During my waking I'm sleeping,
All the time trying and tried;
I'm dancing to music that's soundless
And will hear when my ears have just died.

Consumed by fire, I'm growing,
On the day of my death I'll be born,
And after I've fallen with evening
I will rise on the wings of the morn.

May 1994