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From Night to Day


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Elizabeth Montgomery never thought anything would happen to her, let alone this.

"Hello," a cold voice said from behind.

She immediately cursed her mother and her no cell phone rules. For one thing, she was seventeen and three quarters, for another she was alone. In the dark.

She pretended not to hear the strangers voice and kept walking on the sidewalk with trees on either side.

If he -yes, she deduced that the voice had in fact been a man- didn't lose interest, she would put into action the plan that formed in her mind. This plan consisted of the letters 'R', 'U', and 'N'.

"I know you heard me Elizabeth," he said.

Just keep walking, just keep walking, what do you do? You walk, walk, she thought in the annoying voice of the blue fish from Finding Nemo.

"Really," he said, "Finding Nemo ?"

Now, Elizabeth never cursed verbally, so she thought up every profanity she could come up with at the moment to the stranger, thinking he made an uneducated guess on her thoughts being Finding Nemo related.

"And where did you learn those words, Beth?" he asked.

He, the stranger getting closer every passing moment, had called her Beth.

She spun around almost automatically and gave a sharp intake of breath at what she saw before her.

"Eyes. Red. Three." was the jumbled up mess she called her thoughts as she looked at the eyes in front of her.

"Now, let's try this again, shall we?" he said. He was dressed in a leather jacket and dark jeans, which, as Elizabeth thought, was the perfect biker-boy-kidnapping club uniform.

Her eyes widened in fear as he came closer.

"I'm Zack,"

She quickly calculated the number of blocks to her house. Five.

"Now, now," Zack said. "You really shouldn't run. I don't want to hurt you, but my friends on the other hand," he gestured behind him at the pairs of red eyes, "do, so if you run they'll chase."

Fear wheeled inside of her chest and she made the first audible sounds she had spoken since their meeting, "How did you...?"

He tapped his forefinger against his skull, obviously thinking that was the only explanation she needed. Not.

He kept on moving towards her.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"You," he replied almost nonchalantly.

Then she made the last decision of her mortal life; she ran.

She only made it several feet before someone jumped onto her back, bringing her crashing down onto the sidewalk.

She felt a cold hand brush away the hair cascading over her neck and she struggled against the inhuman strength of her attacker.

"I told you not to run." Zack said against her neck and his incisors plunged their way into her neck.

As she opened her mouth to scream, but a hand clamped over it, letting her last strangled cries for help evaporate into the cool air around them.

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