The Lion has no fear,

as he slowly draws you near.

The powerful roar of his soul,

the rumbling battle cry that makes him whole,

it's lowered to a beckoning voice,

one calling you to rejoice.

His is posed on a towering hilltop,

with a kind gaze seeming to make your worries stop.

And as he sits on the horizon,

this magnificent lion,

he is welcoming you.

With his intentions pure and true,

he is the light;

the shelter from the fight,

a refuge among troubles,

in the darkness that brews and bubbles.

But as you find him and feel secure,

there's an opposing force less pure.

The Lion is his enemy,

and in his grasp, it's hard to break free.

He is the Vulture,

vile and of false grandeur.

His voice does not heal,

it urges you to lie and steal.

And all the good progress you've made,

the Vulture can make it all fade.

And his path may be one to which you stray,

but this will make the Lion go away.

And though the Lion will follow you,

still urging for a path honest and true,

the Vulture will have your soul,

and you'll never truly be whole.

And then, there's a Flower,

a being with hardly any power.

In the Vulture's claws,
it's innocent heartbeat takes a pause,

only to make the Flower wilt,

and destroy all that it has built.

But in the Lion's home,

where all innocence may roam,

the Flower is healed,

and it may blossom in the field.

Dear Flower, make your choice.

Listen to either voice.

For one shall help you stand tall,

and one shall surely make you fall.