(Vote For Who They Let You)

Your opinion has been noted!
But you have been outvoted.
The majority must be right!
Even though their idealisms,
Are absorbed through televisions,
And not from their own minds.
The outcome of elections,
Is decided by subliminal persuasion,
Therefore democracy a lie!
An amusing fiction,
But it is one that if questioned,
Will teach you how to die.

So-o, slowly!
Never swiftly!
Begets agony!
But if you expect me!
To beg for mercy!
Then I'm so sorry!
Surrender is absent from, my vocabulary!

The need for counter-revolution,
Is proof that our institution,
Has eroded our every right!
Consumed completely by corruption,
Focused entirely on repression,
They couldn't be men if they tried.
On a single minded mission,
To achieve mass assimilation!
Into a hive will Earth transmogrify.
For they wield monopolization,
On media misinformation!
And now the truth we cannot find!

Achieves nothing!
I pray something!
Is approaching!
So for that hope I'm standing!
Though I'm suffering!
Still fucking singing!
Despite your strangling!
My thoughts and dreams.

The illusion seems complete.
But I can see it's seams.
The zipper on it's back.
And the demon that hides beneath.
The ground beneath my feet.
Cares not for my pleas.
Apathetic to the fact,
That it's for it that I bleed.
Others do not heed,
Empathy's a liability.
So they paint the sky black,
And toxify the sea.
Justify atrocity,
For a handful of money.
They sure got a knack,
For hypocridemocracy, yeah!