Let me gaze on this unspoilt garden
And breathe the crystal-clear dew,
Where the twilight whispers a love-song,
A love-song in Gaelic to you.

...The twilight vibrant with kisses
As my eyes arise on your dawn,
As the sky caresses your shoreline
In a splendour uniquely your own.

Let me walk by the bounds of the ocean,
By the azure, snow-winged seas,
Where the wind is sighing a love-song
On the feathered harp of your trees.

...The wind that is pregnant with traces
Of beauty hidden in clay,
Of flowers fostered in sunlight
Slowly unfolding their day.

On the delicate arms of your valleys
Let me trace each shimmering vein,
On your curving limbs chastely veiled by
A transparently weaving rain.

...A rain that is ringing with stories
Of suffering long untold;
Strength in the bones of your mountains
Preserved, emerging like gold.

Let others pant for the hot-blooded
Mediterranean glare
Your coy flashing glance holds me spell-bound
As you toss back your foam-tangled hair.

Ay, others may dance in sunshine,
While your moors are murmuring a lay –
But you in your raiment of longing
Are fairer by far than they.

Fairer your emerald eyes,
Purer your star-clad brow,
Heart-breaking moonshine tears,
Breath-taking rainbow vow.

Hear how my soul cries out,
Cries in the Gaelic tongue,
Feel how it burns in me,
Longing for ages sung:

Oh to touch my feet upon your strand,
Let your grass-line greet my hand,
Write 'hallowed' in the warming sand,
Be welcomed by your virgin land!