I won't let you mitigate the truth and soothsay what you think

Manipulate the mass of cattle lead them to the slaughterhouse

Voting in the butchers, the smile hides the grin

Let no aura slip your true intention

To guide us all down the path of destruction

Dying slowly some a little faster

You're only here to take us in you cunning little bastard

Close your mouth to stop the sewage sliding out and polluting the ground

Fill the atmosphere with your political shit

The toxic storm will blow us away

Clouds form in the water of what we hold

Belief is murky just as you left it

Destroying conscious infrastructure

The calm mentality is a horror

We fear all that threatens those white picket fences you told us to have

And we create a comfortable confinement

Terrified of what outside the door

Closing ourselves off from our neighbors

Ask not what we can do for you when we can't help our own

Fruitless and barren is the mind

When all you know is televised

Stand up for what they don't talk about

Don't gut its aquatic mouth

Drowned by the leaders afraid they may offend

The public behind their white picket defenses

Extensively working to hinder the movement

As our heads are turned they form their attack

When the sun goes down they will advance

Stand outside your virtue to survive

Vulnerability is how they thrive

A parasitic mass

A stigma on collective growth

Cancerous and fatal

All for not we fight against it

Rising in number the resistance is strong but always needing more

We ask your souls to clash alongside us

We will promise nothing as we cannot claim to win

Victory is distant but still on the horizon

The battle is endless but never in vain