Senior Year with the Halls

Senior Year in High School

Walk, Walk, Walk…

They call us the Roamers,

The students with no destination...

Some call us the Walkers….

Making us the members of the Walking Crew.

The teachers smile at us, first thinking…

It's an AM thing.

Then they see us again after school…

And start second guessing.

We still smile at each one of them,

Laughing at what they don't know.

Walk, Walk, Walk…

They call us Skippers,


But what we are, Are Seniors.

Class of 2012.

Making memories in these Halls.

These Halls which witnesses our happiest and saddest times.

These Halls which are a fourth friend to us in a way.

No one will ever understand… but us.

We still.

Walk, Walk, Walk.