My Beloved

„My Beloved is radiant and ruddy,
the fairest among ten thousand."*
His eyes the mystery of an untamed ocean,
His face the glow of fiery gold,
His hands the balm of flowing honey,
His voice the twinkle of sunlight on water,
His lips the touch of velvet lily petals.

"This is my Beloved, this my friend"* –
His Beauty surpassing a diamond.

My Beloved is bleeding and torn,
His body lacerated by whips and scourges,
His hands pierced by splinters and nails;
My Beloved is slowly tormented to death,
His eyes clouded with agony, his soul
Loaded with every crime, burdened with every suffering
Found on this whole globe.

"This is my Beloved, this my friend" –
His Beauty transcending comprehension.

My Beloved is lying in the streets,
Dying of hunger, cold, alcoholism, leprosy, neglect;
My Beloved is tortured in laboratories for animal testing,
Spends his childhood in dark cellars being abused,
Is traumatized in wars fought against his will,
Is eaten alive by cancer, covered in nuclear fallout,
Raped a million times a day.

"This is my Beloved, this my friend" –
His Beauty defying definition.

November 2011

*The quotations are taken from Song of Songs 5: 10 and 5: 16.