A/N: This is a really short chapter I know but don't worry the rest will be longer. I hope you enjoy!

"Sir, your mother would like to speak to you," Emily, one of the maids, said knocking on my door. Sighing I got up. She must want something. Mother only ever wants to talk to me when she wants something. I open the door.

"Then, take me to her please," I said to the waiting Emily. It never hurt to be polite.

"Yes sir," she said as she bobbed a curtsy and headed off through the long winding house toward the library on the second floor east wing. I wonder what mother wanted me to do this time. No doubt it had something to do with taking a friend or a friend of a friend or a cousin's best friend's sister or SOMETHING like that out for a day to show her a nice time. Mother always desperately wanted me to find an appropriate girl. To be honest I was never sure which of those qualities is more important to her. Emily opened the library door and curtsied me in.

"James!" My mother cried smiling. I was right. She wanted something. "Why don't you take a seat," she gestured to a seat warmed by the morning's sunlight coming in through the wide windows.

"What can I do for you now, Mother?"

"Well you see," she said in a way that made me just know something inconvenient was about to be said. "Your father's, brother's, wife's, daughter's, ex-boyfriend's, parent's, friend's, daughter." I butted in before she could continue.

"What does that make us?"

"Related," She said with a dry look "In any case, all of the adults were at school together and we've all kept in touch even when her parents, they always were odd, moved on to a small farm and sent their girl, Jessica, to the local school.

"It appears Jessica is having some... trouble with some of the children where she is now. We have graciously offered to take her in for a year. Her parents have agreed as they have always wanted to give her the chance to really experience city life but didn't want to leave the farm. This gives Jessica the opportunity to experience both kinds of life and decide which she prefers.

"Alex, Darling, please be kind to her. She'll be here for a year and she has had such trouble. Also since we have enrolled her in your we we expect you to help her catch up. It's only October" Of the second to last year of high school where we all have known each other since we were small. "So it shouldn't be too hard for her to adjust to the new school and fit in. Will you be good, James dear?" She finally finished.

"Yes mother. I will be. When will she be arriving?"

"Oh , at 2 o'clock. That gives you just over 4 hours to prepare yourself. I'll see you then," She flashed me a brilliant, empty smile and went back to her book. I got up, bowed and went back to my room to prepare.

At 2:07 the doorbell rang. We were all gathered in the front hall waiting for her to arrive: Gerald; the butler, the three maids, the kitchen staff, mother , father and me. Father had left his afternoon studying to greet this new addition to our household. Gerald went to the door to open it for this new girl.

"Miss Jessica, welcome to the Caler residence" He said bowing. A brown haired, brown eyed girl in a heavy, long, old brown skirt, running shoes and a blue wind breaker stepped carefully into the hall. She had pinned her hair up rather badly with some cheap pins that looked as though they were about to fall out ad it appeared some had as part of her hair was tumbling about her face. She had an old, worn duffel bag slung over her shoulder. That appeared to be all her luggage and I shuddered to think what that must have been doing to her clothes. It was obvious someone that she was someone with very little experience in wearing even partially nice clothing and she stood with her legs apart suggesting that she rarely wore skirts. It was shocking what you could get away with on a farm. Although, the clothes did look very comfortable.

Gerald was as bland as ever. My parents only froze slightly in reaction to her shocking appearance. I manage to stop my reaction at a slight widening of the eyes but one of the maids, Sara, gasped and some of the kitchen staff started muttering until the head chef silenced them with a look. The one thing you could say about her is that she held herself well. She stood straight and even though you could tell she was scared to death of this scape and this situations she still gave off a general air of confidence. Incredible.

"Your coat miss? Alexa, take her bag," Gerald said. Jessica gingerly gave her bag to one of the maids. She unzipped her windbreaker and handed it to Gerald. He went to hang it in the near by cloak room. Under it she had worn a white blouse which was simply the wrong shape for that skirt. All I could think was Thank good we have a school uniform. She looked around once more, uncrossed her arms, stood a little straighter and looked directly at my parents

"Hello Mr and Mrs. Caler," She said her voice clear and steady the words only sounding slightly rehearsed. "I'm Jessica Rasto. Thank you for having me."