Child in the Graveyard

I could hear the rain pounding against my umbrella as I struggled to hold back my tears threating to overflow like a broken dam. My father past away two months ago from cancer, and now I stand visiting his grave. I begin telling him about my day, my mother, and my sister. Even though he is gone talking to him just helps me feel like a little part of him is still around.

Over the constant sound of rain I could hear someone crying. I look around and see a small child standing in front of one of the graves. The young boy is dressed in a checkered shirt and a dirty pair of jeans. I make my way over to the boy and shelter him from the rain with my umbrella. Seeing this kid crying is not making it any easier for me to hold my own tears back.

"Are you alright?" I ask in the calmest and steadiest voice I can muster. The boy does not respond, he just stands there and cries. I look at the grave he is standing in front to see if I can read a name, but unfortunately the grave is too worn out to be able to make out a name.

"Is this one of your parents?" Again the boy makes no attempt to respond.

"Can you at least tell me your name?"

"Timmy Anderson." The boy hardly manages to choke out. As soon as the he tells me his name a loud crash cause me to turn around to see a large dead branch. I turn back to see if I can get any more information from Timmy but he is gone. I look around but he seemed to have just vanished. Where could he have gone in such a short amount of time? I only had my back turned for a few seconds. During my search I noticed that the gravestone had suddenly become clear. The name it reads causes a shiver to run down my spine. On the grave reads "Timmy Anderson."

I can't bring myself to move or even comprehend the thought. This had to be some kind of stupid joke, but something deep down told me otherwise. When I am finally able to come back to my senses I begin to make my way to my car to head home. As soon as I sit down an idea strike me. I should head to the local library to see if they have any information on Timmy.

At the library I walk over to the news articles to see if he is mentioned there. After shifting through paper after paper I find one that mentions Timmy Anderson. The heading of the new paper is "eight year old boy commits suicide." I learn from the paper that after the death of his father young Timmy was left feeling alone, even though his mother was right there. The feeling ended up causing young Timmy to hang a rope and end everything. The picture the article shows looks exactly like the kid I saw at the graveyard. The thought that I met a ghost causes my throat to go dry.

I can't help but feel bad for Timmy. I relate to him too much not to. When my father died I felt like escaping the same way Timmy chose to. Maybe that is why he showed himself to me. Maybe it was a sign that his choice was a mistake and for me not to make the same.