It was afterschool and I was walking out of my class when I felt my phone vibrate so I picked it up. To and looked to see who was calling.

It was my best friend Gabriella.

"hey" I said.

" Michi! Did you go home yet?"

" um… no?"

"Oh good! Meet me and john at the yard!"

"ok I guess."

"ok bye!"


I walked to the yard and there were a lot of people that wanted to go to the space ship so it was very crowded. I couldn't find Gaby and then I felt someone tap my shoulder.

It was john.

"hey" he said.

"hi where's Gaby?"

"She's already inside the spaceship lets go we have to get there to!"and he dragged me over there.

"Where are we going?"

"To the basketball game, remember?"

"Oh yeah I guess."

We walked inside got our seats I looked around and saw a lot of people but I still couldn't find Gaby. I felt my phone vibrate again so I took it out it out to see who it was.

It was Jennifer.

"Hi Michelle!" she said.


"I found Gabriella!"

"Oh you did?"

"yep! And I'm with George and the kids too!"

" Ok."

"we'll try to save you and john a spot!"


"bye bye!"


"Who was that?" John asked.

"Jennifer she said that gabby and the others are with her and they will try to save us seats."

"Oh ok."

The space ship stopped and we were at the basketball game it was so crowded and we couldn't find our friends but then John saw George and we sat a row above them.

"Sorry Michelle and John but those people took your spot." Jennifer said.

"Oh that's ok." John said.

'Yeah its fine." I said.

During the middle of the game George and Jennifer decided to leave and we couldn't find them so we were stuck with their kids. We had to bring them back with us to gabby's house they seem happy but we weren't.

"Their not picking up there phone." I said

"How do you make it laugh?" John asked hold the 2 year old.

"I'm hungry!" the oldest one said.

"This is too much!' Gabriella said.

"George and Jennifer owe us for this!" I said.

"You wanna make a soup stand?" Gabriella asked.


'John you take care of them see ya." I said.

"What?" he said

We went and got our supplies for the soup stand and started to build them which (dream wise) didn't take that long. We made the stand right in front of Gabriella's garage. We took out the canned tomato soup and put them in the pot to heat up. Then our first customer came.

It was Jacqueline.


"Hi Jacqueline you want some soup its only 1$ and since you're our first costumer we would cut the price in half to 50 cents." Gabby said.

"Sure." She said.

"Michi get the soup!"

"Ok!" I said.

I gave her the soup and she drank it and spit it out and we looked at each other.

"That was horrible!" she said.

"Sorry." We said.

"What is this?" she said.

"it's canned soup see?" and gabby held up the can

"no wonder why! Those stuff taste like shit forget this give me my money back!" she told us

We gave her the money back and she left sad day for us.

I'd like to thank my friend Gabriella for letting me use her dream for this story. Thank you for reading this chapter!

Note: these stories are all based on me and my friend's dreams.