Make Me Mean

Go ahead and try

You can yell

And you can make me cry

But what you'll never do

Is get me to hurt you

No matter how you try

I'm not going to say

What is not true

Go ahead and make me mad

But on purpose

I will not make you sad

I'm disappointed that

You would try to make me so unclean

But no matter how you act

You will never make me mean

You can give me guilt

And you can tell me please

But even if you beg

I will never let you make me mean

Is it true you seem so nice?

Is it true you aren't always as cold as ice?

Is it true the worst of you

Hasn't yet been seen?

Perhaps then

That is why they don't understand

Why you would try to make me mean

I love them all too much

To break their hearts

Because you want me to

I love you too much

To let them hate you

I love myself too much

To let this reoccurring theme

Continue just because you're mean

You're never going to stop

Trying to make things unseen

You're never going to like me

But I'm going to make you see

That you failed

When you set your dream

To make me mean