Hello everyone, Luna WhiteWolf here. This is a oneshot that I wrote for school, but decided to keep and I typed it onto my computer. Everything in this story is credit to me except Star and Silver. They are my friends' character. Please read and review!

Luna opened her eyes to find herself in a forest with no light at all. She peered through the leaves, looking at the sky. There were no stars, clouds, or moon. Where am I? She thought. This isn't the Forest of Light!

The wind howled through the dark, eerie forest, making everything stir. She walked through the forest trying to find a way out.

A crow burst from a bush beside her. The eyes of the crow were blood red.
She looked around and saw glowing eyes watching her from every bush and tree. A battle-scarred white raced out of the bushes. He sunk his fangs into her neck and threw her across the forest floor.

"Welcome to the Dark Forest," the wolf growled, grinning, before lunging at her.

Luna awoke with a jolt, panting. Dark Forest? That wolf looked familiar… But from where did I see him before?

The thought echoed in her mind, like a never cave. Her pack was still asleep. The first light of dawn was just beginning to appear.

Silver stirred beside her. Luna slowly got up, trying not to wake Silver or the other pack members.

She silently walked to the river. She lapped at the water. The reflection wasn't her at all; it was the wolf from her dream! She stumbled backward, a rabbit raced out of the bushes and fled downriver. She chased after it, pushing the wolf and her dream to the back of her mind.

She caught up to the rabbit, picked it up, and slammed it on the ground. There was a snap and its body went limp. It was a scrawny rabbit. She finished it in a few rapid bites.

Luna got up and walked through the forest, letting her paws take the lead. Her paws took her to the edge of the forest. In front of her stretched a field that reached to the bottom of the mountain. She heard a howl echoing off of the mountains, no ordinary wolf would be able to hear it at that distance.

The howl seemed to say, 'I'm coming for your pathetic forest. You and your pack will not survive. The Dark Forest will rule the world!' She gasped, noticing whose howl it was. It's the wolf from my dream! A black wolf with a white star on its tail appeared from the bushes and stood beside her.

"I guess that means we're in trouble," the wolf snorted.

"I suppose so… Star, wake the pack and tell them to be on their guard. Have three wolves guarding Silver at all time. Have each wolf practice their fighting skills."

"Yes, Luna." Star turned and raced through the forest.

Luna sat there staring at the mountains for a few heart beats. We'll be ready, you cold-hearted piece of fox dung! We'll be ready and waiting! She turned and padded through the forest, back to her pack.

Luna padded into the clearing. When she appeared, the pack talked amongst them, some yelled out.

"What's going on?"

"Luna, what's happening?"


"Luna, what's going to happen?"

"Silence," she barked, loud enough that the whole forest could hear her. "There is a pack of wolves coming from the mountain. They're supposedly from the Dark Forest. Do any of you know about the Dark Forest?"

Silence followed her words. "Okay, I want three wolves guarding Silver at all time. Everyone needs to practice their fighting skills. If you wander in the forest, at least take someone with you. That is all."

She heard Silver protest, but couldn't make out what she said. The pack talked amongst them once more. Some got in a group and headed into the forest. Slushie, Cream, and Rage followed Silver where ever she went.
Luna padded over to Honey, Star, and Fang. "Let's go practice."

They practiced their fighting moves, together, in a sandy clearing. They practiced until their muscles ached and they were about ready to collapse and fall asleep where they were standing, but they forced themselves to walk back to the den. When they got to the clearing, they collapsed and slept where they were.

"Alpha, Luna!" Luna woke up instantly. She looked around the clearing and saw two wolves racing towards her.

"What is it, Kaya?"

"There is a large amount of wolves running across the land towards our forest!"

"Could you tell who was leading them?"

"Yes, a large white wolf."

"Alright, everyone battle formation! Slushie, Cream, Rage, keep Silver close to the den. Don't let her out of your sight," she howled. Luna led the pack to the field. She raced out into the field towards the advancing Dark Forest wolves. "Don't attack head on. Try to trick and confuse your opponents, then strike," she barked over her shoulder.

The two packs crashed into each other. Luna bit down on a wolf's foreleg and the bone shattered. The wolf whimpered and limped rapidly away, only to have fangs sink into its neck. Fangs dug into her shoulder. She grabbed a leg and threw the wolf into another Dark Forest wolf.

Something grabbed Luna's tail and threw her away from the mass of fighting wolves. She skidded to a halt on the grass. She looked up to see a black-and-red wolf disappear into the bushes. She got up and ran after it.

Luna jumped and landed on the wolf's back, knocking him off his paws. She jumped off before she fell. The wolf stood up, snarling.

"I've heard about you. You're Luna, the wolf-dog."

"Sorry, but I don't know anything about you."

"My name is Red. It's nice to finally meet you face to face," he growled, leaping into the air. He landed with a paw on her neck. She tried to snarl, but she couldn't breathe. His paw was cutting off the flow of air that goes in and out of her lungs. Somebody, help me! He held his paw on her neck until her vision went black.

Luna opened her eyes to find herself in a meadow. The moon and the stars were out, as well as the fireflies. A white wolf padded towards her. She tried to growl, but she couldn't move. Who are you?

"It's me, my dear," the wolf smiled, a tail-length away from her. Mother! A single tear escaped Luna's eye. Am I dead?

"Yes, you are, but it's not your time yet. You must go back to your pack and the forest." The wolf touched her nose, and everything went black once more.

Luna opened her eyes to find herself lying back in the forest. Oh no, Silver! She got up and ran back to the den. She felt new energy and strength as she ran through the forest.

She appeared in the clearing to find Slushie, Cream, and Rage battling Red. Silver was cowering behind them.

Luna rammed head on into Red, knocking him over. She sunk her teeth into his neck, picked him up, slammed him on the ground, and threw him against a tree. There was a snap as he landed awkwardly on his back leg.

"You haven't seen the last of me," he snarled, standing up and limping away.
Luna ran back through the trees to the field. She stopped at the edge of the field, scanning the wolves. A black wolf was thrown out of the chaos and landed heavily on the ground. "Star!" She ran toward the limp body.

Fang and Honey joined her beside their friend. Unknown energy flowed through Luna, Honey, Fang, and Star's bodies. Their fangs and claws grew extremely long. Luna's eyes glowed blue, blue aura-like flames blazed around her body. Honey, Fang, and Star's eyes blazed amber, amber aura-like flames blazed around their bodies.

"You just made a big mistake," they snarled menacingly. They raced amongst the wolves, ripping apart every Dark Forest wolf they saw.

The battle-scarred white wolf came into Luna's view. Noticing her, he turned towards her, ready for a fight. She padded towards him.

"Now I remember who you are, Claw," she snarled, more menacing. She looked extremely frightening; every wolf that saw Luna, Honey, Fang, or Star cowered in fear, even the Dark Forest wolves.

Luna grabbed Claw by the tail, slammed him against the ground, and threw him across the field. She kept attacking him, he couldn't even move, she was moving really fast.

By the time Luna stopped beating Claw; he was bloody and was barely able to breathe.

"Had enough?" He still lay there, staring at her with fear in his eyes. "Take your wolves and never come back!" She grabbed his neck and flung him across the field, almost to the base of the mountain. His wolves fled after him. Luna, Honey, Fang, and Star's eyes returned to normal and they passed out. They had used up all of their energy.

Luna woke up to a bright, sunny day. Her pack noticed that she was awake and padded over to her. "Are the Dark Forest wolves gone?"

"Yes, I don't think we'll be seeing them for a long time," Star snorted.

"That's good. Were you hurt, Silver? I was so caught up with the battle I forgot to check."

"Yep, I'm fine, Luna."

"That's good." She licked Silver's ear. Rage came over, carrying a fish in his jaws.

"Here you go." He dropped the fish beside her. "Thank you, Rage." She began tearing into the fish. She thought she had never tasted such delicious fish before.