Hello! I wrote this story for a contest on another site. I'm not sure if you heard of it, but it's called . Anyways, Everything is credit to me except for Lucky, Silver, Chance, and Moonclaw, they are my friends' characters. Please read and review!

"Hey, mom! You're it," Silver barked, touching Luna with her paw. She quickly bounced away.

Luna smiled before bounding up to her sister, Honey. She jumped onto the black she-wolf and raced away. "You're it, Honey!"

Honey smiled softly and turned around. She glanced over at Chance, who was sitting beside her. She jabbed him softly with a paw and bounced away, giggling.

Chance then laughed and stalked over to his sister, Moonclaw. Moonclaw was talking with her adopted pup, Lucky. He walked over to the golden pup and whispered something in his ear. The pup wagged his tail and nodded.

"What did you tell him," Moonclaw asked, glancing at Chance and Lucky suspiciously.

Chance smiled before padding off towards his mate, Honey. He laughed when he heard a yelp of surprise from his sister behind him. He then raced away after his mate.

The group of wolves chased each other with a game of tag, their laughs and joyful barking and yelping rising in volume.

Meanwhile, a large herd of caribou grazed in a large field nearby. The barks and yelps reached their ears and, one by one, they raised their heads and stared around in alarm. They grunted and stomped their hooved feet before stampeding off towards the playing wolves.

Luna's ears twitched and she skidded to halt. She stood there listening, her ears swiveling in different directions, when a silver pup jumped onto her back.

"What's wrong, mama," Silver asked, jumping down from her mother's back.

Luna opened her mouth to speak, but didn't have time to explain. Large brown animals burst from the bushes, their hooves thundering on the ground. "Caribou!"

"Stampede," Moonclaw barked over the sound of hooves. She snatched Lucky and raced away.

Luna picked Silver up by her scruff and raced after Moonclaw. She glanced over her shoulder to see Honey and Chance running side by side behind them, the caribou snorting and grunting a few paces behind.

The wolves fled through the trees. A cave loomed up ahead, to the left side. Moonclaw veered off to the side, diving for the cave. Luna, Honey, and Chance followed, leaping out of the way of the sharp hooves.

They waited and watched as the grunting caribou raced by the cave entrance. They sat there, panting and staring at each other. Once the caribou had gone, they burst out laughing.

"Let's do that again," Silver barked, he tail wagging.