By: Chelsei Stein

Pd 6

Artemis stood,

At the edge of the evergreen forest,

Her bow in hand,

Slender as a snake,

Her quiver on her back,

Giving her a bear hug,

Her hair whipping around her face like branches set free.

Jace stood,

In the middle of a grassy plain,

The sun on his face,

Making him squint,

The grass seemed to be flattened,

By the constant gale,

His hair blown out of his face and giving him playful slaps on the shoulders.

Artemis was known,

For her skills with a bow,

As well as her,

"No-Relationship" oath,

Jace knew how to use a sword,

Unlike her,

With no knowledge of this unwritten swear.

As he started to advance,

Without unsheathing his sword,

He took in,

How beautiful and delicately she moved.

Jace stopped his face,

Only a matter of inches from hers,

And before he could react she reached backā€¦

He woke up stunned,

With the alarm clock now droning,

He felt to his left cheek.

He still felt the sting,

Of the slap that had grazed across his cheek,

His gift from Artemis,

More like a rejection,

But not the kiss he had been hoping for,

Even his dreams deny him the girl he wishes he could have.