Here is where we humans race

Where we all climb to a higher place

We pull, we trample, we hurt, we conquer

We will do anything not to be pushed under

Here we have shallow ties and fake bonds

So when we fall nobody helps catch our hands

Jealousy and hatred is easily earned

An innocent is baptized once learned

Here, only a fool can afford to be picky

To eat once a week is even lucky

See, we don't have time to waste in eating

We always spend it on conning and hating

Here what awaits at the Summit are the Skies

Too heavy a burden, whoever holds it, dies

But still we continue to climb and fight

That's all we know to get a glimpse at the Light

It may be too cruel to the ones not among us

But remember, we have never seen what is just

If I had not tried to counsel my poor heart

I would not have seen good and bad apart

You see, we live like this all of our lives

We even forgot to cower within our hives

Our hearts too wretched, our blood over-spilt

When we trash, we don't even feel guilt

We pull, we trample, we hurt, we conquer

We will do anything not to be pushed under

Such is the cruel fate that the Skies demand

Of us unfortunates on this accursed Land

Utopia: The Land of Liberty

The Myth says of the world-nation of Utopia. It was not great, not bad. Just so.

The Myth says of the Leader of Utopia at the summit of the tallest mountain, Mt. Ambisyon. The Leader is said to be the most successful person in the world. Having climbed the tallest mountain, the Leader is the Person at the Top of the World.

Along with this great honor, the Leader holds up the Skies, or Paradise or Heaven, so that it would not fall to ground and crush Utopia's thriving community. In exchange, the People would do Favors for the Leader to continue holding up the heavy Skies. The Leader continues to be at the top for as long as possible, but even so, the Leader quickly is beaten by another successful Climber of Mt. Ambisyon.

Very rare are the occasions where the Leader will think of the tire from supporting the Skies. Of course the Leader always gets tired, but for some reason, the Leader will not want to rest, not risking someone else take the Summit. They say the Leader is afraid of falling down or being kicked out. They say once you get to be the Leader, you would not want to fall from the mountain or concede to another Climber. They say the Light, the view at the top of the world, is so wonderful, captivating and beautiful that anyone at the Summit would never want to step down. They say the Leader will not want the People to stop doing the Favors.

So, almost always, when another Climber gets to successfully climb Mt. Ambisyon, the Climber and the Leader fight and then the weight of the Skies, completely forgotten, will threaten to fall down on Utopia, being unsupported by anybody.

In the end nobody thinks much of being the Leader for carrying the Skies.

Almost always, a Climber only thinks of being at the Summit to get a glimpse of the Light.

Almost always, a Climber only thinks of the Favors from the People.

Almost always, the Skies threaten to fall-and often they do.

They say the People, tired, angry and jealous at the Leader, then try to climb, to glimpse at the Light, and to be looked up by the rest of the People. It is always like that, they say, but then, why do they envy the leader, really? Is holding the weight of Heaven really worth it?

In the end, Heaven collapsed. At first, the People gasp in thin air, and then shortly, it was followed by the massive Skies. So sudden and heavy was the impact that Utopia was obliterated, the foolishness of another Successful Climber and the Leader erasing a whole civilization.

It was a sad tale, and I would never understand the Myth of Utopia, until I realized I was climbing Mt. Ambisyon myself.