Imagine she wants to seduce you.

She disguises herself in lingerie,

Which bares her

In just the right places.

She is classically feminine in pale pinks.

Ribbon hangs in loose bows, begging to be untied.

You need to indulge

In the pleasures she promises.

Imagine her smoothness

As she curls beside you,

Contours molding together

Effortlessly creating one from two.

There is an initial chill to her hands

When she rests them on your chest,

And you tremble

Half from her touch,

Half from desire.

Imagine her gemstone eyes

Catching the light from the stars

And reflecting it as a firestorm.

You are blinded.

You are mesmerized.

She parts her lips

And you are conquered.

Imagine, in the morning,

When the ribbons are torn and frayed,

When her eyes have lost their sparkle,

Although her lips are parted,

Nothing of significance comes out.