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Hailey woke up on a Thursday, feeling more depressed than ever before. Two months ago, her friend told her that she would be moving to Missouri. Today, she would be leaving and abandoning her. She lived next door. She would never go back into that house again for fun sleepovers. Never again would she go there after school to get help for History class and practice the theater skits with her best friend.

She frowned. She knew that this day was coming but hoped that she would stay. Just then, a white little rock hit her window and she opened the shades to reveal Anny standing outside, wearing a frown as well. Hailey left her room and went around to her front door and opened it to let in Anny.

"Hailey," Anny murmured, looking down at her feet, gloomily.

"Anny," Hailey said in the same tone. Then she felt Anny's arms circle her in a hug. She hugged back with just the same amount of force. Anny was crying, Hailey could feel the tears on her shoulder. Hailey was letting the tears freely flow as well. "I'm gonna miss you so much." Anny let go as Hailey did the same.

"We'll still call each other and talk over Facebook. Don't worry; this isn't the end. We'll still be able to reach each other." She took a deep breath. "Maybe the people moving in are really sweet and maybe you'll find a brand new friend. But not to replace me!" She added hastily.

"You could never be replaced, Anny."

"Anyway, I won't even be at school today so don't hurt yourself, expecting me there."

"Thanks for telling me in advance."

"So, I'll talk to you tonight. I'll probably be in Colorado by then. You know how fast the car is."

"Okay. We will see each other again, right?"

"Of course." She bit her lip and continued, standing outside the doorway. "Goodbye, best friend."

"I hope you're happy, now that you're choosing this," Hailey starting to sing, in her beautiful singing voice, from their favorite musical, Wicked.

"You too. I hope it brings you bliss," Anny replied in song. Then they sang in unison.

"I really hope you get it, and you don't live to regret it. I hope you're happy in the end. I hope you're happy, my friend…" they slowly finished. Anny walked back across the street to her…former…house. Her mom and dad were already finished putting their boxes in the moving van. They were just waiting on Anny. Anny entered the van and finally, they were on their way. Anny faced her house one last time and waved as if saying 'farewell'. Hailey waved back. She knew that this wasn't the end. She would keep in touch with her and all her tears were shed. She would play the part that screams, 'I'm fine', as her parents told her to get ready for school.

She didn't take the bus there, so she took her mom's car. Toyota Sienna. The drive wasn't too far from here so it was just around ten minutes. Soon she got to the school and parked the car. Her first class was History. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy history – her favorite comedian was Eddie Izzard, – it was just that she had plenty of her friends in that class and she got distracted. Usually after school, she'd go to Anny's and get help from her. Those days were now gone. How was she to keep her B+ if she couldn't get help? She WOULDN'T go to a tutor. They made her feel dumb. She'd just have to pay more attention. Quickly, the hour and a half passed without any problems and she went on to Calculus. She was pretty good at math so no problems there, either. Soon, it was time for Women's Ensemble. She loved singing and acting. She was Mrs. Green's favorite, or at least one of them.

It was common knowledge that Mrs. Green played favorites. The strange part is that she didn't deny it. So today, they were getting ready for the concert that was to be held in a week. It would be next Friday night. There wasn't much and when they finished, they still had about a half hour left. She pulled out her book of the week, 'Wicked'. She had only read it one other time and she enjoyed it. Right now she was like Glinda who had to pretend to be happy that her best friend died. Except, Anny wasn't dead, she just moved to Missouri. She got a couple chapters in when it was time for her last class of the day: Theater.

She loved that class. Today they were working on the quiz for tomorrow in which you had to come up with a ten minute skit with the five people you were assigned to. Her partners were Alyssa, Nick, Nikki and Marrissa. They came up with a morning where Nick was the only boy in the family and had to deal with waiting for the bathroom in a school morning and instead, he has to hold it in until school. There were only two groups allowed on the stage at a time and everybody else had to be in the hallway or the classroom. She was practicing her small script with Nick.

"Hi Marc!" She yelled from the side of the stage and walked out.

"Hey, Nina. What's up?" Nick said in an annoying tone.

"Oh nothing much. Hey, Mom wanted to talk to you about some Dodger's game?"

"Oh! Yes! I'll see you in a bit, Nina!" He ran off the stage.

"Well, I won't be seeing you in a bit, Marc." Marrissa got out of the door to the "bathroom" and Hailey walked in. Then Marc came back.

"Nina, she said nothing about a – Oh, come on!" Nick yelled as "Marc" realized that he was tricked and missed out on the bathroom again.

Soon the class was ending and he grabbed her bag and headed to the car. Her shoes were really killing her. She only wore those shoes one time but she hated them and they hurt like hell. She decided to take a trip to Walgreens really quick and grab a five-dollar pair of shoes. Probably flip-flops. When she got in the car, she took off the shoes and saw red. Her shoes were giving her worse than blisters. They were practically bleeding. She made a mental note to never wear those shoes again. She drove off down Beach Boulevard, trying to stretch out her toes hoping to get the red away. It hurt like hell.

She was driving down the street when she caught sight of a really cute guy with long, shaggy blond hair. He was on the sidewalk, but not walking. He was riding his skateboard and suddenly, his eyes caught hers. He didn't look away. She waved at him and he was taken by surprise, and waved back and continued on his skateboard and also smiled. He continue to smile and wave at her and she liked it when—


He wasn't exactly paying attention to where he was going and smashed into a telephone pole. He got up and turned a violent shade of crimson. Obviously he was embarrassed. She giggled a bit. He walked away to the nearest shop. She also went into the same shop. They both went into Walgreens. But he didn't see her walk in; barefoot. She made her way to the shoe section and grabbed a pair of size 8 ½ flip-flops and made her way to the counter. The floor was pretty cold when she went to grab a drink. She had to wear her shoes no matter how badly it hurt.

"Ow, ow, ow, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, ow, fuck, fuck, ow, ow, fuck," she murmured to herself.

"It may just be my opinion," she heard a voice behind her in line. She turned around to see the guy from before. "But you probably shouldn't be wearing those shoes. Then again, that's why you're here, right?" he said, motioning to the flip-flops she held.

"Yeah, my feet are turning red."

"How red?"

"Like, worse-than-blisters red."


"No kidding. So, you like Pringles?"

"Yeah, I'd turn to the dark side if the Sith offered them."

"Star Wars fan?"

"Die hard."

"Wow. You probably hate me."

"And why's that?"

"I'm die-hard Harry Potter fanatic."

"Eh, Harry Potter's not bad. Don't tell my parents that I said that. I was raised to praise Star Wars."

"Same for me but instead, Harry Potter."

"Well, do you kinda like Star Wars the way I kinda like Harry Potter?"

"Mm, possibly. I've always thought Obi-Wan was hot."

"Eh, young one or old one?" He asked with a questioning expression.

"Young one! Not the old one!"

"Okay good. I still have a shot." She laughed at his flirtatious tone. She liked this guy but she wouldn't actually say that out loud.

"It's a possibility." His eyes widened and she took off her shoes and finally paid for her new ones. Soon, she was out of there and getting in the van. But he found her before she could get in.

"Wait!" he yelled.

"Yes?" She asked turning around to face him.

"Will I see you again?"

"Who knows? Like I said before, it's a possibility." She got in and rolled down the window. "I don't live very far. In fact I could walk home in 4 minutes."

"Really? Can I get your number?"

"You don't even know my name!" She said with a smile.

"Well what is your name?"

"Hailey," she responded.

"I'm Blick."

"Blick? I've never heard that before."

"My parents have a thing for creating new words and making them names. I've got a younger sister named 'Allinochria'."

"Well at least your name is shorter."

"Yeah, always thought I would get made fun of but I actually became a pretty cool guy."

"Well, I'd love to keep this going but I gotta get home and finish my homework."

"So can I get your number?"

She thought about it for a second. She did kinda like the guy and she wondered when she'd see him again.

"714—are you writing this down?" He got out his phone and started to add her as a contact. "714-422-2428. So, I'll talk to you later?"

"Definitely!" At the same time, her blackberry went off. She looked and saw it was a message from Anny.

'Next time I see you, I'm giving you your brand new gift: I 'heart' Vegas thong.' Hailey started laughing. Blick tried to get a glimpse.

"Who texted you?"

"A friend who just moved this morning. She just texted me to tell me she's in Vegas right now."

"Did she now?"

"No. Well, sort of. In a way."

"What do you mean by "in a way"?"

"She told me she was getting me a gift that relates to Las Vegas merchandise."

"Ah. Inappropriate gift?"

"Um… a bit."


"Well…wait. Why am I telling you this?"

"Cause I'd like to get to know what kind of things you're into."

"Chains and whips. S & M. Dude, I'm kidding. Are you seriously typing this down?"

He turned another violent shade of red and she giggled.

"You look cute when you blush." Suddenly the blush was gone and he got his 'charmer' attitude again.

"Why thank you. So, I'll see you later?"

"Of course." She started the car and drove off. She looked in the rearview mirror to see him waving at her. She kept the window rolled down as she held out her arm and wave right back.

"Damn. He's cute," she whispered to herself. He had the greatest blue eyes she'd ever seen. She got home and parked the car. She got inside and felt strange. She had always gone into Anny's (former) house after school. She finished her Calculus and left the History for the weekend. She wouldn't have History until next Monday. For now she went into the living room to play on her little sister's PS3. Katie wouldn't get home for another hour.

Hailey didn't know why but she was practically addicted to LittleBigPlanet. She just connected and clicked on quick play. She was playing a pointless level when a new user decided to join. 'Badass-Blick123'. She wondered if it was the Blick that she met today. It would be awesome if it was. They played a couple levels together. Finally, the person sent her a message.

"Hi, 'HorrendouslyHottieHailey'. Can I add you as a friend?"

She sent the person a friend request and would have to tell Katie that she added someone as a friend. Badass-Blick123 accepted and she got off the PS3.

"Hailey!" Her mom yelled at her from the kitchen. "Get some pants on instead of those boy-shorts! We're having guests over for dinner!"

"What? Why?"

"To welcome the new neighbors!"

"Oh. Fine, is this gonna be a formal thing?"

"Just wear something regular but not your boy-short panties. That is not acceptable."

Hailey got up and went to her room. She pulled on a pair of jean short-shorts. It was a burning-hot day and she refused to wear something that covered her. Soon Katie was here and Dad would be getting back from work in half an hour. The guests would be coming over at the same time.

"Hailey, I hear they have kids around your ages. You and Katie. Maybe you'll have new friends," Hailey's mom told them while she was making kielbasa and mac & cheese.

"It doesn't matter, mom. No one is gonna replace Anny."

"Well I'm not saying 'replacement', what I'm trying to say is…a new start. They have three kids. An older boy, a younger boy and a younger girl, I'm guessing Katie could probably be friends with."

"Well then Katie finds a new friend. I'm still keeping in touch with Anny. Maybe I don't want to make new friends."

"Hun, just try. At least play the part? You know how great of an actress you are; just pretend you're glad to meet new people! As they say in Madagascar, "Just smile and wave"."

"Fine, when are they getting here?" Her mom didn't answer 'cause they heard her dad drive in. He was coming up the front steps and soon the door was opened as he walked in.

"Daddy!" Katie screamed as she came running from her room.

"Hello, little angel! How are you?"

"Jessie gets to come over tomorrow!"

He let out a fake gasp. "That's great!" he said. He walked into the kitchen as Katie went to her PS3.

"Hey, dad," Hailey said, looking from mom to dad.

"Hey, Princess. How was school?"

"It was fine." He looked over to her. Hailey wasn't smiling. Then he walked over and held her in a hug.

"I know, Princess. I'm sorry. I know how much Anny meant to you. But that doesn't mean you won't see each other again until death." Hailey hugged him back. "In fact, I'll pay out of my card for her to come visit sometime. How did your mother take this? She never comforted, did she?" He felt her shake her head. "You know how she is. Eventually, she'll realize how badly you're really hurting."

Hailey love her dad. He understood her very well, unlike her mom. She didn't want this stupid dinner tonight. She just wanted to see Anny again.

"You talk about me like I'm not here!" Hailey's mom said loudly, from the other side of the kitchen.

"Well, I have a point and you know it!" her dad replied. But before anything could start, they heard a knock on the door. The guests were here.

"Oh, finally!" her mom exclaimed. She ran out of the kitchen and opened the door. A man and a woman stood in the doorway with smiles. The man was around 6' 4" and the woman was around 5' 9". The man had brown hair and a small goatee. The woman was blond and wore deep red lipstick.

"You must be the Jacksons!" her mom said happily shaking their hands. "Did you bring your children?"

"Yes. C'mon guys! We'll introduce them from youngest to oldest. This is Harson," she said as a small boy around the age of 9 with brown hair walked in, pretty shy from the looks of it. "This is Alli," a girl about the same age of the previous boy; they must have been fraternal twins. "And this is…" A blond boy walked in around the age of Hailey with blue eyes. Hailey didn't need an introduction. She already knew this guy.

"Blick," she whispered to herself.