My Papa hadn't been back for hours. I could almost hear his voice as he called my name as I paced around the house. But, now all I could feel was tears trickling down my cheek. I couldn't stop myself from crying in anger as I realised I could of done something to help.

"Excuse me, may I have a word, Eliza?"

I didn't want to speak to anyone. Certainly not my housekeeper.

"What!" I screeched in distress.

"Your going to have to go to your room now. It's past 11 o'clock."

"Not, until Papa comes home!"

"C'mon Eli-"

An eerie silence filled the air as ear- piercing screams came from beyond. Then, exactly what I had feared. A gunshot. I burst into tears, hyperventilating. I didn't know who had been killed. All I knew was that I could have just been orphaned.

"Calm down, Eliza you don't know. Just go up to bed and I'll go and search outside, I'm sure your Papa is alive, theres nothing to worry about."

I couldn't believe what she was saying! How was I supposed to sleep without knowing if my father was dead or alive. Many people who I knew had been shot. I never expected my family to end like this. I felt helpless. There was nothing else I could do. If my Papa was dead, I couldn't change it. If he was injured I could save him, his life was in my hands. As I barged through the door adrenaline rushed through the body. It was warm out, but I was still shaking. As I sprinted through the crowds dead bodies lay at my feet. The world was spinning. I couldn't move. I heard another scream. Tears flooded the streets. All I could do was wait.