The planes fly like birds on the horizon young

The avifauna of Hawaii gliding majestically through the light of the rising sun

But when you hear those enemy planes' hums;

Your heart beats loud enough for a whole auditorium filled with drums

My feet barely touch the ground as I sprint;

I don't notice the ground on which my footsteps have left their imprint

Bombs drop and explode with a terrifying crescendo;

And my conscience's voice falls into a steady diminuendo

You follow your men into the middle of the fight;

And you not once thought of me, am I wrong or right?

For when I got there, the harbor was fiery and the shouts were full of pain and fury

I know that you wouldn't want me to be there to worry

I look for you in vain, but you're already gone

But oh spare me if I had wanted to see you one last time on this terrible dawn

The dark smoke rises and streaks the morning sky

And I tell myself you're okay, that you're alright, but it was all just a lie;

Because there my heart cracked and ripped and broke,

Out in the mess and wreckage and death that was once known as Battleship Row


So, what did you think? I decided to use rhyming couplets for this poem! Anyway, please review, and no flames please!

By the way, kudos to you if you caught the "rising sun" in the beginning of the poem! If you didn't, during World War II, Japan was known as the Empire of the Rising Sun!