I first moved into my apartment right before starting high school. My mother promised me all the expenses would be taken care of. When she helped me unpack, she profusely apologized to me for leaving, and that she had to leave me again.

-Chapter 5: Bus Ride-

When school is out, I leave everyone without saying goodbye. I feel as though there was a rock in my stomach. And if I see anybody else, I wouldn't be able to bear it anymore. I walk out of the building and squind my eyes from the sun. I'd have to walk about 2 blocks to get to my bus stop home. I got my pass ready as I walked. Suddenly, I hear distinct footsteps amid the crowd of high schoolers ready to leave the prison we call school. I keep walking, thinking it was someone else. I then hear their footsteps get closer and closer. I hear the voice I was most afraid of thinking about.

"Ray, Ray! C'mere, I need to ask you a question!"

Trying to ignore the voice, I gointo the bus, and swiped my pass. As I watch the door close a little. Kayla catches the door and staggers in panting.

"Kayla? Why are you here? Did you take the wrong bus again?" I ask as I sit down. She sits next to me.

"I hope not. This is bus 56, right?" I nod. "Good, that's the bus I need to take. I'm good now then."

"Um, why are you taking my bus stop anyway?"

"Well, I need some more money, so I got a day job at the mechanics'. She hired me as the secretary and the hours are really flexible. She pays me by each hour I do." I nodded. I remember walking by there at one point.

"Kayla, you're already busy. What about finals, homework, and whatever the hell you do when no one's looking?" I say, confused and a little suspicious of the whole situation.

"That's why it's so flexible. She told me I can do whatever I want, just at least come in twice a week for at least an hour!" She says, feeling accomplished for reasons unknown.

"Kayla, you already do all of your homework during lunch, a job is not a good idea, and you're 15, that's not the legal age for a job."

"I need this Ray. I need a real job. Also, there are a few other reasons involved, I'll tell you them later." Kayla says in an almost strained but quiet voice.

"Well… I still think this is one of your more stupid decisions, but I'll stop bugging you about it."

"Cool, thanks." She says. A silence between us is noticeable. I get nervous I have been too harsh on her. Kayla has always done stuff that no person in the right mind would do, like perform at city bars and shops for money. Somehow, she ends up relatively ok.

"So anyway, social studies, huh?" Kayla starts, trying to break the awkward silence between us.

"Yeah, you seemed pretty heated about that." I say, quite uncomfortable about this starting up again.

"Well, yeah. I've met a few before, and to know they could be gone soon because of something they were born with scares me. Most them resent themselves for being a demon, angel or what have you. I had already heard that this would happen soon, but now that it did, I realize a lot of shit is going to go down." She says, leaning her head back on the seat. I nod at her.

"So you've met them before?" I ask. Kayla nods.

"Yeah, It's like that awkward moment where you walk into the bar bathroom and you see one, horns and wings, trying to adjust her eyeliner. True story." She says. "You get used to walking by and seeing it. There's no fanfare, just business as usual."

"So, they don't care who sees them?" I ask. The only other demons I ever knew besides my mom and I was one of her friends, just one (as far as I know).

"Well, not in certain places. In some bars, you wouldn't know there were demons there. In places like the Lower Depths, It's much more relaxed. Everyone just kind of trusts each other that no one's going to freak out or anything like that."

"Weren't you scared at all?" I ask.

"Well, at first, but then I got used to it. That's a good, thing right?"

"Right." I smile at her and the bus came to a stop. Kayla hurriedly looks out the window and grabs her bag.

"Welp, see ya!" She waves her hand and runs off the bus. As she leaves I take out my head phones and attach them to my mp3. As I listened to my music, I feel a temporary escape, yet I still couldn't stop thinking. I had never knew that Kayla had known about demons, and interacted with them for so long, and she feels like they shouldn't be detained or killed. Still, I wouldn't think anybody would feel their friends should be wrongly taken.

The bus comes to my stop, and I step off. I watch the people walking, wondering if they were demons, and if they knew what would happen on June 1st. I enter the door of the complex and went into my apartment. I take my phone out as I lazily throw my bag to the side. Finally on my couch, I begin to dial my mother's cell phone number. Looking at the numbers below me, I just stop. Normally, I would just do it without thinking, but today I was scared to call for some strange reason. After much staring at the screen, I finally pressed the call button.