This also counts as a Birthday gift to a good friend of mine! Happy be-lated birthday, Nani-chan! And to those who have liked Our First Time, here's to all you guys! Alright, lets get this one-shot rolling!

Note: This is a alternate story that is not related to Our First Time.

Title: All Because of that Green Rubber Ball

Characters: Jun Divine, Hisoka Strifer, Ryu Tesuga, and Youkai Sotaro.

Rated: M, boy x boy, Yaoi, sex, and all the rest. I hope you all enjoy!


It was his most prized possession. The way it was small enough to fit in his tiny fist, the way it bounced from all the way to the top of his head, and it's color was in the most unique shade of light green. He loved the way it bounced up and down along the pavement, the speed of it looking like a tiny green blur against the space of the foggy neighborhood. Every time it came down, he would throw it down harder and it would fly in the air for two seconds before it landed in his hand.

"You're gonna lose that if you throw it any harder." warned his best friend, Ryu, the other boy being older by two years. The seven-year-old ignored him with a roll of his eyes and he continued to bounce the rubber projectile, his green eyes focused on the small toy as it grew more and more air-born. As the two walked along a black fence, Jun threw the ball too hard and his rubber ball bounced it's way over the black fence and into the green yard.

"I told you so." said Ryu, stopping as his friend rattled at the fence's metal bars with a scowl on his face.

"Dang it! I can't lose that ball! Mama gave it to me before she left!" He rattled and snarled at the bars once more before he stopped and noticed that the door to the tall, three-story house opened, a six-year-old walking out of it and down the steps. The six-year-old looked at the two of them, his wide, dark-blue eyes looking them over before he spotted Jun's toy ball. The boy with pale-blonde hair padded over to it and he picked it up, his head tilting to one side. From the distance, Jun and Ryu could see that he was a hybrid. A pair of pale-gold cat ears poked from his spiky hair and a small yellow tail was curled around his leg. Hybrids were common to see around the country they lived in. A few lived in the house that Jun lived in.

"Hey, kiddo! Ya mind throwing that over here? It was this guy's mother's before she left him." called Ryu, waving his hand. Jun shot a glare at his childhood friend, ready to kick him where it counted, before he noticed that his rubber ball was in front of him, held by a small, pale hand. He looked at the little boy from the other side of the fence, a small smile on that round and slightly chubby face.

"Here ya go. If it was your mama's, then it must mean a lot to you, yeah? I still keep the stuffed red panda my mama gave me when I was a baby." he said sweetly. Jun looked at the little boy, trying to see if there were any lies in that baby face. He then took his toy and gave a neutral look.

"Thanks, uh. . ."

"Hisoka. My name's Hisoka. And who are you?" asked the blonde. Jun felt his words caught in his throat while Ryu patted the blonde boy's spiky hair.

"I'm Ryu Tesuga. It's nice to meet you, Hisoka. And this here is Jun. Or as many at his home call him, Oji-sama." teased the tallest boy. He made a cough and he doubled over as Jun punched him in the gut, glowering at him.

"I don't need you to introduce me. I can handle that just fine. And quit calling me 'prince'!" he snapped.

"You're a prince? That's so cool!" Jun watched as Hisoka bounced on the balls of his feet, "I never met a prince before! This is so awesome!" his cheeks glowed with admiration as his eyes sparkled with child-like happiness. Jun wanted to scoff, but he decided to chuckle, since it was kind of cute that this kid was getting worked up over it.

"Yeah, whatever. Come on, Ryu. We gotta get to school." he said, putting his rubber ball in his uniform pocket.

"Will you come back tomorrow?" asked Hisoka, his small hands holding onto the back bars. Jun looked at him, noticing that his blue eyes were swirling with infinite and irresistible hope. He let a small smile.


Hisoka grinned ever-so happily.

"Thank you so much, Oji-sama!"


Over the few weeks of Jun and Ryu's spring semester, they would always walk by the black metal gates to be greeted by their newest friend, Hisoka. The pale and lithe younger of the two would always smile and greet the two. For the time the three had together in that short time of five minutes per day, the two from the outside world would tell Hisoka about school, their family, life at both their homes, and more. Hisoka would tell them about his life behind the metal fence. He was apparently an orphan, the building behind him was an orphanage. Hisoka's mother had died when the blonde was only a few months old and he had lived there with his kind foster parents ever since. His father had gone missing in a car accident when before he was born. Yet Hisoka was still a happy child, always smiling and giggling when he and Jun would play a game of catch with Jun's favorite rubber ball. Jun couldn't help but think he had the most enjoyable times with the neko child.

On one particular day, Jun and Ryu walked over to the metal fence and saw Hisoka and three people were on the porch. The old woman there, most likely Hisoka's foster mother, was showing him the two males before him, and smiling at him. Hisoka, with a stuffed red panda in his hands, was looking at them curiously before his face broke into a happy smile and he jumped into the arms of the blonde of the two males. The blonde man hugged him tightly and the man with raven-colored hair was smiled along with Hisoka's foster mother.

Hisoka finally noticed Jun and Ryu and he hopped out of the man's arms. He pointed to his friends and he scampered over to them, his grin never leaving his lips.

"My papa's alive! He came back for me and he wants to take me home!" he said with his eyes in a dazzling shine.

"That's great, Hisoka! We're happy for you, right Jun?" asked Ryu to the jet-black-haired boy. Jun closed his gaping mouth and he gave a shrug, despite the sad feeling in his heart.

"Y. . . Yeah. I'm happy for you too, Hi-kun." he said. Hisoka smiled and he then giggled.

"Even if I'm going to a new place, I want you to have bandit-kun, Oji-sama." he said, holding out the stuffed animal to his friend. Jun looked at the stuff toy in front of him, his eyes wide as he stared at the cotton-filled toy.

"But, your mother-"

"-would want me to make sure that I will always be with my best friend, regardless of who they may be. Please, take it, Oji-sama." said Hisoka, shaking the fox-looking toy in his hands. Jun slowly took the small toy and he cradled it in his arms, his eyes suddenly flooding with tears.

"H-Hi-kun. . . Here!" he thrust out his rubber ball, closing his eyes tightly and holding out all the sobs and wails he wanted to let out, "Take my favorite ball. I want you at have it so that you can remember me! Please take it!" he yelled, clenching his teeth. A small hand took his own and he opened his eyes to meet equally, watery and dark blue eyes.

"Goodbye, Oji-sama."

Jun sniffled and nodded.

"Goodbye, Hi-kun."

(Fourteen-years later)

"Yo, wake up, Oji-sama!"

"Ryu, if you keep calling me that, I will make sure not to miss my mark like the last time."

Ryu, now twenty-three and as tall as a tree, chuckled inwardly, running a hand through his blue-dyed hair and giving a joking grin at the black-haired, green-eyed twenty-one-year old still in bed, a pale hand from the covers holding up a poised and ready feathered dart. The older boy continued to chuckle and Jun gave a grumble before pulling his bed sheets over his head, chucking the dart somewhere else and shutting his eyes for some more sleep.

"Hey! Now we ain't havin' any of that! It's time you get up, birthday boy! The sooner we get ready, the sooner we get to our tutor session. And the sooner we get to our tutor session, the sooner that bull crap will be over and we can head over to your party! Come on, up and out!" called Ryu, yanking the blankets off before grabbing the scruff of the surprised boy's neck hair. The latter struggled and growled, kicking his feet wildly for release.

"Damnit! Let me go, you big oath! I don't want to! Let me go!" Jun kicked and kicked again, trying (and failing) to get out of his taller friend's grasp. With bared teeth, he added, "At least let me get into some decent clothes!" he gestured to his dark black T-shirt and black and red boxers. Ryu gave a shrug and he dropped his old friend like a rag doll, causing another growl from the ravenette. While angrily flipping the finger at Ryu, Jun made it back to his room and he picked out a light blue turtle-neck with a dark grey jacket and dark-wash jeans, along with some white sneakers and his black crucifix. He walked over to the bathroom and he took a quick shower and he changed into his clothes, combing his hair into different directions till it passed his shoulders with it's shaggy look. With a sigh, Jun walked down the steps and he met his family's twenty maids and butlers, all lined up and bowing their heads. Some of humans, some of hybrids.

"Good morning, Oji-Sama."

"Yes, good morning to all of you as well." muttered Jun as he walked past them and over to the kitchen, picking up an apple and walking outside to meet Ryu at the front.

"Yo, ya ready? A lot of things are happening since you're party's tonight and all." said Ryu as the two of them walked down the familiar road they took for their class sessions. Jun shrugged casually as he ate his apple.

"It's just going to be like any other. Jii-kun and Baa-chan will want to have some sort of theme for my party and make the whole thing a costume party. They'll invite everyone they know and everyone will be dressed up, including me. They'll make me put on some ridiculous costume and I'll have to greet the guests and just stand around like a wallflower while you spend your whole time talking and making out with Youkai." he said, watching Ryu blush at the mention of the rabbit-hybrid that lived at the Divine Estate.

"W-Well I'll be damned. You know me too well," Ryu chuckled and laughed, scratching the back of his head while Jun tossed the apple core in his hand, debating whether or not to throw it at the elder's head. "Well, you wouldn't be a wallflower if you got yourself a boyfriend. Hell, maybe you should've asked Hisoka when you-" Ryu held his next words as Jun suddenly stopped and looked at the house they were next to, with a black iron fence. The two of them stared at the orphanage in silence, watching the October leaves of red and yellow brush and sway on the ground. Jun felt a bitter feeling in his stomach, as if he had drank a large bottle of alcohol. He looked over to the door, expecting to see a bopping head of blonde hair and golden cat ears come prancing to him with happy blue eyes. When none of that came, he sighed and tucked his hands into his jacket pockets, walking ahead.

"Come on, we'll be late." he muttered. Ryu nodded and the two of them didn't speak the rest of the way there.


"I just. . . Mng, I can't believe Baa-chan."

Jun scrunched up his nose as he slipped the dark red cloak over his shoulders, a faux snow-leopard trim around the shoulders and hood of it. He eyed the gold crown lined with fake snow-leopard print and decorated with rubies on his bed and he rolled his eyes, deciding to bush his hair down. He walked over to his closet mirror and scowled, eyeing his black collared shirt with white heart-shaped cufflinks and dark red fastenings running along his arms, along with dark black trousers, black dress shoes, and a dark red bow tie.

Apparently, his grandparents decided to go with a 'Wonderland' theme and they had made him the 'Prince of Hearts.' Ironic, since he owned the title of 'Oji-sama'.

With a huff and groan, he grabbed the crown on his bed and he walked out of the room, muttering and scowling as he made it down the stairs to where the party was. From everywhere, he could see color everywhere, people dressed in ridiculous costumes of wildflowers, cats and rabbits, March Hares and caterpillars, and every other character you'd think you read about in 'Through the Looking Glass' and 'Alice and Wonderland.' The music was pretty good and upbeat and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Jun made a grumble as a few people from school walked to him and congratulated him on turning twenty-one. Jun would merely nodded and give a quiet thanks, feeling that it was the same congrats he would get every year. He never felt happy on these days that celebrated his birth. His mother had left him on his third birthday. And his father was sent to a mental ward when he turned five. Birthdays never satisfied him anymore. He wished something new and interesting would happen.

And that's when someone crashed into him from behind, making him stagger a bit and causing the one who crashed into him fall on their butt.

"Ah! I'm so, so, so, so, SO sorry, sir! I was trying to get through and I was shoved by someone and-and-!"

Jun sighed with irritation, guessing that it was a guest that must've been drunk off his ass. He turned to say it was no big deal when he stopped, staring at the twenty-year-old begging for his life on the floor.

He was a head shorter than him, his blond hair tousled and windblown with the long bangs framing his face, dyed in a jet-black. His dark blue eyes were big and breathtaking, looking like freshly-discovered sapphires. His lanky yet fit body was hugged by a yellow and white, striped dress shirt with an open and collared black vest designed with a few orange paw prints. He also wore black trousers with black dress shoes and a orange and yellow scarf around his neck, his golden ears drooped and his long tail curling around his leg. Spilled by his side was a tray of shrimp. He was talking quickly with apologies with his dark blue eyes shinning behind oval-shaped glasses. Jun's heart gave a huge thump.


"It's. . . It's alright. You didn't get me dirty or anything. Here, let me help you up." said Jun, offering his hand to the hybrid. The cat-boy looked at the hand, nervous and unsure, before taking it and allowing the older to help him back on his feet.

"Are you- are you really not mad? Sincerely?" asked the blonde. Jun couldn't help but laugh, finding those huge blue eyes adorable.

"Yeah, I'm positive." he said with a nod, his mouth thinning when he realized that he was smiling. He hadn't smiled in a long time.

The younger smiled and suddenly cringed at the mess on the floor, bending down to pick it up. His actions were put on halt as Jun pulled him up by his shoulder, looking at his left hand.

"You got hurt when you fell." he observed, looking at the small trail of blood that ran along the blue-eyed man's finger, the pale appendage cut. The hybrid looked at his own hand with a surprised look.

"Oh, it must've happened when I fell." he said, pulling back his other hand into his shirt and scrunching it a bit to dab and stop the bleeding cut.

"Idiot! You'll just get an infection that way! Come with me." snapped Jun, dragging the hybrid to the spare kitchen where a few guests were. He made the cat boy sit on a stool while he searched through the cupboards for a first aid kit. Hisoka was blushing a bit from his seat.

"R-Really, you don't have to do this. You have to attend the party, yes? Isn't it for you?" he asked. Jun rolled his eyes before finding the orange box with a red cross.

"It feels like it's more for my grandparents than me. They decided for this 'Wonderland' theme and they made me go as the Prince of Hearts." he muttered, putting down the box.

"But there's no Prince of Hearts in 'Alice in Wonderland' or 'Through the Looking Glass.'"

"Tell that to Baa-chan and Jii-kun."

The neko gave a laugh and he began tittering behind his good hand while Jun took the injured one and dabbed it with antibiotic cream. Jun gave a slight smile as the boy giggled. He stared at his happy face, eyes crinkled cutely with pale yet soft-looking lips smiling with giggles. It was too cute. The blonde then looked at him with another smile, making Jun jump back when he saw that they were so close. He handed the cat-hybrid the bandage in his hand and the server took it with a small thanks.

"You're a nice person to talk to, Oji-sama."

"What-What you just call me?" asked Jun with his eyes bugging out of his head. The blonde tilted his head in confusion.

"Huh? That's what everyone on the estate calls you. I only assumed I try to be polite since you fixed my cut." he said, holding up his bandaged wrapped finer. Jun felt his head pound slightly, never knowing that the title he had been called ever since he was a child could be said so warmly. He only knew one person who said it like that.

'But. . . He can't be Hi-kun. This guy is a cat-hybrid but he might be a tri-color with his black bangs. And Hi-kun was so shy and happy-go-lucky when we were little. This guy is just. . . Just. ..'

"Oi! Hisoka! You're pops want you to help them make some more shrimp! They're being taken by the dozen by the guests!" called a orange-haired server from the doorway.

"Coming, Tyler-ya!" called the blonde hybrid, briefly smiling at Jun. "Please excuse me, Oji-sama." he said, bowing his head before scampering off. Jun stood there dumbstruck, his crown tilting awkwardly on his head.


"Hey, you alright, man? You look like you saw a ghost."

Jun looked up from his spot by the banister, seeing Ryu, dressed as a Mad Hater with the colors of white, grey, and light green. Next to him was a petite rabbit-hybrid dressed in a tweed coat with a golden pocket watch hanging around his neck, his snow-white hair cut past his shoulder with smoldering red eyes.

"I think. . . I just saw Hi-kun. . ."

Ryu stared at him with a oblivious look before smiling suddenly with two rows of pearl-white teeth.

"Well, it's about time you found my gift for you."

Jun was taken aback, staring at his friend with wide eyes.

"You're. . . You're saying-"

"I asked your Baa-chan if I can be in charge of picking the catering service. When she gave the OK, I went over to the orphanage and found out that Hisoka was now Hisoka Strifer. I searched through all the yellow pages before I found his dads' catering company, and I decided to book them for tonight, so that you could see him again," He smiled knowingly and patted Jun's shoulder, "Happy Birthday, Jun. Now go get 'em, or else he'll be taken by a girl or someone in this party that might want him."

Jun stared at the floor, shaking his head before a small secret smile snuck on his lips.

"I will. I'm just going to make sure that he's really Hi-kun."

With that, he brushed past the two and the albino-hybrid smiled at Ryu.

"You did a good thing, Ryu-kun." he said. Ryu grinned and he snuck a hand around the smaller's waist.

"I know I did, Youkai. Now, can I have a reward in the form of a dance?"

With a laugh and small roll of the eyes, the two of them made their way to the dance floor.


Jun walked and walked past the guests until he found the main kitchen, where Hisoka was having a laugh with two men while drinking some punch. Jun recognized the two other men as the two that had adopted Hisoka as a child, the blonde-haired man his real father while the black-haired one as the Hisoka's father's partner.

"Pardon me." he said, walking to the trio. Hisoka smiled at his.

"Hello again, Oji-sama. Meet my father, Zachariah, and my papa, Yosuke." he said. The two men smiled and toast to him while Jun gave a nod.

"Nice to meet the both you. Hey, can I barrow him for second? I need to speak with him." said Jun, pointing to the blonde that was his childhood friend.

"I don't see why not." said Zachariah, running a hand through his blonde hair. Yosuke nodded in agreement and Jun led Hisoka to the front pouch, the two of them sitting on the pouch swing and Jun taking off his crown.

"What is it you want to talk about, Oji-sama?" asked the blonde, tilting his head. The raven-haired boy took in a sigh, wringing his hands slight before taking a break.

"You're. . . You're Hisoka. You're that boy I gave my rubber ball to when I was little, right?" he asked, waiting for an answer. His reply was a thumbing noise against the hard-wood floor and he looked and watched with a dropped jaw as a neon-green rubber ball was bounced up and down by Hisoka. The neko-hybrid looked at him with a smile, small tears at the corners of his eyes.

"I'm glad you finally remember me, Jun-kun."

Hisoka yelped as he was pulled into a tight embrace, his nose brushing against the fake fur of Jun's coat with Jun's chin on his shoulder. The green ball fell from his hand and rolled along the floor, stopping by a pot of white carnations.

"O. . . ji-sama?" Hisoka was blushing everywhere, his head spinning from the smell of Jun's cologne. Jun pulled him closer, shutting his eyes tightly and never feeling anymore happy.

"Hi-kun. . . You're back. . . I missed you like crazy. . ." he murmured. His childhood crush blushed some more and smiled softly, wrapping his arms around the older's neck with his tail around Jun's waist.

"I missed you, too, Jun-kun." he said. They stayed like this for a while, enjoying their united friendship, glad to be with each other once more. Hisoka then pulled away a bit and looked at Jun with an innocent smile.

"Do you still have Bandit-kun?" he asked. Jun gave a laugh and a nod, standing up and taking one of Hisoka's hands.

"Yes, he sitting on my bed. Want to see him?" asked, watching Hisoka's eyes shine and a cute bop of the head following after. Grinning, Jun showed Hisoka the ladder he used to get to his window and the two of them climbed on it until they got into Jun's room by the opened window. Once they were in, Hisoka made a dive for the bed, kicking off his shoes, and he rolled around on it, hugging the stuffed red panda on it.

"I missed Bandit-kun, soooooo much!" he laughed, nuzzling his head against the red panda's. Jun chuckled and he sat at the edge of his bed, removing his shoes and cloak and rolling his shoulders from all the stiffness in them. He watched Hisoka roll around a little before pouncing on the blonde and trapping the laughing teen under him, watching Hisoka laugh and swish his tail. Hisoka then laid back and stared at Jun, his smile still on his face. Jun grinned and brushed away the black bangs the sprawled across his best friend's forehead.

"Man, you really did miss that stuffed animal, huh?" asked Jun. Hisoka nodded and pressed his forehead against Jun's.

"I did. But. . . I missed Oji-sama more." he whispered before pressing a chaste kiss on the elder's lips. Jun's eyes widen a fraction, his cheeks filling with blood. Hisoka then pulled away and smiled softly.

"Was that OK?" he asked cutely. A moan was pulled from his lips as Jun grabbed his chin and kissed him, thrusting his tongue through his parted lips and ravishing the virgin mouth. The blonde wrapped his arms around Jun's neck and pulled him closer, his long legs hiking on Jun's hips. Breathy pants were caught by Jun's mouth as their tongues tangled and licked at each other's mouths, lips already swelling from the intensity and coats of sweat making their clothes stick in tightening places. Jun pulled away slightly, his tongue dragging Hisoka's out of their mouths and the two organs swirling and licking at each others.

"Haaa. . . Haaa. . . Oji-s-sama. . ." panted Hisoka wantonly, his legs wrapping fully around Jun's and his fingers searching deep within Jun's dark tendrils. Jun groaned and trailed his teeth and lips down Hisoka's jugular, his pale hand tugging off the orange and yellow scarf and tossing it somewhere. He kissed along Hisoka's neck before sucking at spots that made the hybrid cry with pleasure.

"Ah~! Hmn, ahh~!" cried the blonde, his tail flicking around Jun's legs and his ears flattening against his head. His crotch was feeling so warm, as if he was going through his heat cycle. He wanted Jun, and he wanted him now.

"Shit." Jun groaned as Hisoka's tail swished and played around his groin, trying the pass the zipper to his dark pants. He sat up and smirked as he saw the red and purple marks that marked the pale throat. With a lazy yet seductive smile, he removed his black dress shirt and sent a wink Hisoka's way when he caught the blonde staring at his toned chest and washboard abs.

"Like what you see, neko?" he purred, his cock twitching as Hisoka mewed and squirmed, his tail digging into his own pants and stroking his own hardness. Hisoka's cheeks went red and his glasses were slipping past the bridge of his nose. A budge was being shown through his trousers and Hisoka's tail could be seen playing around with it.

"Fuck, that's hot." muttered Jun, throwing his shirt and his fingers at work with Hisoka's vest and shirt. With those away, he went forward and he toyed with Hisoka's pink and erected nipples, tonguing the buds and slathering them with his saliva. Hisoka gave a whine and his hands instinctively curled under his chin, submission glazing over his blue eyes.

"Oji-sama. . . More. . . M-more. . . I want more!" cried Hisoka, his head thrashing as Jun's hand joined his tail and rubbed the growing length. Jun pulled his hand out and he smirked at his hand, licking away the essence that ran down his fingers.

"Mmmmm . . . You taste so good." he praised with a growl, unzipping Hisoka's pants and pulling off the pants and boxers. He stared hungrily at Hisoka's cock, watching it turn red with pre-cum run down it. Smirking, he grabbed it by the base and he sucked the head, groaning as Hisoka whined and grabbed his hair, making him bob his head up and down on the leaking length.

"Oh. . . Oh, fuck! Please, m-more, O-Oji-sama! Ah~! Ah~!" moaned Hisoka, tears of pleasure rolling down his cheeks as Jun wrapped his tongue around his cock and sucked hard. A fire was spreading in his stomach as his hole was begging to be fucked.

"How do you want me to take you, Hisoka? Doggy-style? Oh fuck, that would be so sexy. Your ass in the air, me thrusting in you from behind? You want that?" growled Jun, pulling out a bottle of hand lotion from his nightstand and smearing his fingers with the white cream. He threw his head back and groaned as Hisoka lapped at his chest from under him, mewing panting with want.

"Mm, Oji-sama," the hybrid mewled. "Hurry, please! I-Mmmm! I want you so bad..." He whined and thrust his hips to Jun's clothed erection, feeling the heat of it and making him claw his fingers along Jun's back. He was glad he had them filed for tonight. Jun snarled and he drove his fingers all in at once, a warm wet heat closing around his fingers with the tight hole holding them in a vise-like grip.

"Fuck," Jun hissed, grinding down onto the blonde's thigh. He dropped his head onto the bed, marking the other's creamy neck as he undid his pants and cast them and his boxers away, grinding his hips with Hisoka's and causing the both of them to moan as their cocks rubbed and grinded.

Hisoka nibbled on his ear, mewling and panting hot breaths of air against his skin. "Mm, now, Oji-sama, please," he begged. "Want you right now." His tail began playing with his cock again and shocks of pleasure coiled along his spine.

Jun nodded shakily. He was trembling from restraining himself as he slipped his fingers away from the blonde's opening. He pressed another kiss to the neko's mouth, then sunk into his tight heat with one forceful thrust.

"Fuck, Oji-sama! Yes!"

Jun growled and gave another thrust, his eyes dilating and his teeth bared.

"Call me Jun, damnit!" he snarled. Hisoka's eyes suddenly darkened with lust and his cute and shy demeanor melted. He let his hybrid side take over him, his alter ego.

He arched up against the Prince of Hearts, urging him on with sultry, sinful words whispered into his the green-eyed man's ear. Fuck, Jun never imagined that his childhood sweetheart with big blue eyes and shy yet happy words would turn out to be such a dirty talker. He couldn't help but set a brutal, unrelenting pace with his thrusts, enraptured by the words falling from the blonde's lips.

"Mm, Jun, you're so big, just filling my tight ass up with that huge cock of yours. Fuck, I can feel you leaking in me, and it's turning me on so damn much. Will you come in me, Oji-sama? Please? I wanna feel you burst inside me, I wanna feel you paint my walls with your pleasure. Ohh, yeah, that's good. Will you do it for me, Jun-sama?" he asked in such a sinful tone that it made Jun grow even more in him.

"Shit," Jun cursed loudly, angling for the cat-boy's prostate. He wasn't going to last like this. Not with this beautiful blonde writhing beneath him, not with these warm muscles that were gripping him like a lifeline, not with the golden ear hybrid hissing these things in his ear, not with all the sexual tension finally boiling down to this one encounter.

He reached from behind Hisoka, grabbing his tail and wrapping it around the blonde's hot length. Hisoka cried and threw his head back, whining and crying with tears rolling down his cheeks and saliva drooling along his chin. Jun stroked the golden fur of the tail as Hisoka's cock was stroked by the long appendage while being thrust by Jun's hot rod.

Not stopping for even a breath of air, Jun flipped Hisoka and grabbed his hips, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into Hisoka's hole. Hisoka's glasses fell off him and they fell to the floor as Hisoka clawed at the bed sheets, wanting to grip onto something. He wailed and his tail continued to stroke his cock, the sensitive appendages quivering as they stroked each other.

"Like this, Hisoka? You like this? Me, fucking you like an animal? Ah shit, by the way you look now, I bet you do!" groaned Jun as he snapped his hips, crawling and draping over Hisoka as he licked and fondled the cat-boy's flickering ears with his tongue and teeth. Hisoka whined and nodded, thrusting his hips back, begging for more.

"Ng! Yes, Jun! Oh, yes!" he cried, resting his cheek against the bed and moaning as Jun began rolling his hips, his cock messaging his prostate. Jun smirked and he looked to the door, glad that the music was playing so loudly that none of the guests had heard their coupling. He returned to Hisoka and kissed the hybrid's back, starting another fast pace that had Hisoka wailing, his ears dropping and pulling back and his ass grinding and arching to Jun's thrusting pelvis. The bed racked and groaned under them, cracks forming along the wall as the headboard crashed into it and the room suddenly feeling steamy and boiled. The heat in their guts were beginning to burst, a liquid fire ready to be released.

"Ahhhh! J-Jun! I'm gonna-gonna cum!" yelled Hisoka. Jun snarled and his thrust grew faster and faster, bruising the blonde ass and hips.

"Shit, me too, Hisoka! Oh fuck, I'm going cum in you! Damn, you want that? Want me to cum in you?" he growled. Hisoka cried and nodded atheistically.

"Please give it all to me, I'll take it! Fuck me! Fuck like an animal, damnit!" he cried as one final thrust brought him to seeing spots, both his and Jun crying each others names as Hisoka's ass tightening as Jun's cum filled him up and he came after, his and Jun's seed dripping off their legs as they collapsed on the bed. The both of them panted and gasped as their sweat and cum made them shiver. Hisoka's tail fell limp against his side and his ears twitched, feeling a little hyper-active. Jun pulled out of him and he licked his lips as his seed poured from Hisoka's hole, finding this sinful site sexy as Hell.

"Mmmm. . . Damn, you were good, Hi-kun." he cooed, pulling Hisoka to him and maneuvering them into the covers. He nuzzled Hisoka's head, his hands smoothing over soft, pale skin. "Damn, when you started acting like a little sex fiend then, God, that turned me on." he said with possessiveness. Hisoka made a small embarrassed noise and Jun gave a small laugh. "Are you doubting yourself?"

The blonde shook his head and he looked up at Jun with a shy face. "No. . . I-It was just my first time d-doing something like that! I just thought I get lucky enough to kiss you, but. . ." He smiled and kissed Jun's nose, his tail wrapping around his leg. "I'm glad I got more than I bargained for. I'm. . . I'm glad that my first was my Oji-sama." he whispered, blushing brightly. Jun smiled and he petted Hisoka's ears.

"I'm glad, too. I also hope that you'll be willing to stay with me. I want this relationship to be more than sex." he then added, "Of course, the sex is very nice." he said, his fingers drawing small circles on Hisoka's back. Hisoka nodded and he hugged Jun.

"Me, too. I always wanted to be with you, Jun." he said. Jun pulled Hisoka closer and he peppered a few kisses on his love's forehead.

"To think that if I hadn't thrown my rubber ball really high that day , I wouldn't have had the chance to meet you and we wouldn't be like this." he said, a nostalgic feeling in his stomach. Hisoka nodded and he then gasped.

"Oh! I left you ball on the pouch! I'll go get it-"

"Nah," Jun pulled him to his chest and he tangled his leg's with younger's pale ones, "We can get it tomorrow. Sleep now, ball later." he mumbled. Hisoka managed a small laugh before nodding and snuggling to Jun.

"All because of ball, huh?" he asked. Jun nodded and he felt himself nod off to sleep with a smile.

"Yeah. . . All because of that green rubber ball."


And another fic is done! Yay! That one was really fun to type up! But now, I got another idea coming up! It'll be about Hisoka and Jun and how the two of them really became a couple! It'll explain their rivalry in the past, Jun's father and mother, Hisoka's family, and more! It'll be a multi-chapter story so please make sure to keep an eye out for it! Ah! And make sure to give me some feedback on this fic! I would like to know what you think! Well, thanks for reading! Catch you all later!

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