they waited in line hearing the whip scream in their ears

till it was their turn

but i stand there felling free from any thing

the voice in my head says to stay

but my heart says to run

run from the pain of the whip

i try to not let my mind take over

because i know it wasn't right

i toke two steps , then three, and four till i was out the door

i try to run from the pit of shame

that my mo and dad have to see

i try to run from the pain of the whip cutting into my dieing skin

then finally i ran

i ran till i can't stop

i ran from the pain of death

i hear a stom of feets running behind me

i hear the voice of the bullet flying by me saying i should have stay

i should have not run form my fate that lies on that

i stop

i see blood on the ground

i felted the pain of death for the frist time

i feel the pain of the bullet cutting into my dieing heart

i hear voices

not sad voice


happy voice

they cheer and dance whille i die

but over that sound i hear the angels singing to me

they told me i will be alright


i sat there and close my i eyes




they said it was a dream but was it really

think about that