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You're All Mine

"Why do you like me?" Zander's voice caught his boyfriend off guard—he hadn't asked Tristan a question like that since they first started to date. They were in Tristan's car and the older man was about to step out of the vehicle before his boyfriend's words halted his movement.

"Huh?" Zander had grabbed his wrist, yet another reason why Tristan couldn't exit the car.

"Why are you dating me?" Tristan furrowed his eyebrows, one of his hands covering the one that Zander had wrapped around his wrist.

"Because I like you…not just like you though. I love you. Why else would I be dating you?"

"I know that, but what about me makes you want to date me?" Tristan sighed, partially in annoyance, and ran his free hand through his silky, jet-black locks.


"Just answer it." Tristan brought his eyes up to Zander's, green eyes meeting blue ones. He wasn't sure why, but for some reason, Zander was very adamant about this.

"Well…I love your eyes." Tristan smiled. "I think they're beautiful blue eyes. When I met you, they're the first thing I noticed." Tristan reached over and linked his fingers with Zander's. "I love your snakebites and how you tug on them when you're nervous. And I've told you before that your blush is adorable." Zander couldn't help but flush a deep red, making his boyfriend grin. "I love how you stand up for your friends and what you believe in no matter what." Tristan tugged his boyfriend closer, his lips not far from Zander's ear, his voice low. "And I love how you're all mine."

Zander squeezed Tristan's hand, a smile playing upon his lips. "Well then," he said softly, his eyes cast down into his lap.

"Hey Zan." Tristan's boyfriend didn't respond. "Zan, look at me." Zander's eyes flickered up to Tristan's. "I love you."

Zander's smile widened, the corners of his eyes crinkling slightly. "I love you too." Tristan put his hand gingerly on Zander's cheek, his thumb stroking the soft skin. They gazed at each other, Zander's eyes wet with tears, and Tristan's emerald green eyes sparkling as they almost always did. Slowly, Tristan leaned over ndn pressed his lips to his boyfriends.

Zander's eyes flickered shut and he allowed himself to melt into Tristan's embrace. His hands slipped around Tristan's neck, his fingers toying with the hair at the nape of it. Their lips pressed sensually against one another's, both men becoming slightly lightheaded.

They pulled apart, reluctantly, Zander's arms still linked around his boyfriend's neck. "How about we go inside?" Zander asked quietly, gazing at his boyfriend, his cheeks still tinted pink.

"I can't wait. Right here, right now. Haven't you always wanted to do it in a car?" Zander flushed a deep red and Tristan kissed him again, with more urgency this time. His hands gripped Zander's shirt tightly, pulling him close. Their tongues tangled together, the only noises in the car being that of their lips. Zander's hands slipped under his boyfriend's shirt, resting on his lower back.

Zander pulled himself away from the kiss, his arms still wrapped around Tristan. "In your car?" He gasped when his boyfriend's lips attacked his neck, leaving small, wet kisses near his jaw. Zander couldn't help it—a giggle erupted from his throat.

"When you laugh like that, I hope you realize that it makes me want to fuck you more, right?" Tristan murmured the words softly against his boyfriend's skin, making him laugh again. Zander pushed his boyfriend away and pulled his shirt over his head, Tristan watching his actions all the while. His own pale hands slid up his chest, stopping momentarily to flick over his own nipples, his eyes closing as he did so.

Tristan felt his pants tighten considerably. Seeing his boyfriend bring pleasure to himself like that…it was so erotic.

Tristan reached out, intending for his hands to take the place of his boyfriend's, but Zander pushed his hands away. Instead, he leaned towards Tristan, his normally bright blue eyes darkened with lust, and kissed the corner of his lips before expertly sliding into the back seat.

If Tristan hadn't known better, he would've said that Zander has had sex in a car before.

Zander made sure to move his hips in the most seductive manner he could as he shimmied into the back seat, lying down and looking at his boyfriend. He knew that he had just made Tristan painfully hard, and he himself could barely wait for his boyfriend to shove into him.

"You want to fuck me?" Zander questioned, his hands working on the button of his pants. "Well come back here and do it. Fuck me until I scream."

There was no way Tristan was going to pass this up.

He clambered into the back seat, not very gracefully, and straddled his boyfriend's waist. He kissed Zander deeply, his tongue immediately invading his boyfriend's mouth. His hips rolled forward, grinding their erections together, both men groaning into the kiss.

Already very impatient, Tristan ripped his shirt over his head and began working on Zander's pants, pulling those off along with his boxers.

"Do you mind if we skip the foreplay?" Tristan said, breathlessly, as he struggled to take off his own pants. "I'm way beyond ready to fuck you into next week." Zander stroked his own penis, watching his boyfriend shed himself of his remaining clothing.

"Fuck me into next year Tristan. Just hurry." Tristan hooked Zander's legs over his shoulders and pushed into him smoothly, making his boyfriend's eyes flutter shut and moan in pleasure.

Tristan began to thrust, at a fairly slow and even rate at first, Zander whimpering every time he pushed in. He was incredibly hard, and incredibly turned on, and he needed to screw his boyfriend hard before he imploded.

"Zander," Tristan grunted, shoving into his boyfriend, the tip of his penis hitting Zander's prostate and making him shout. "Can I fuck you now?"

"I've been waiting." Tristan's hold on his boyfriend's thighs tightened and he slammed into him as hard and fast as he could, hitting his spot every time. Zander could barely manage to continue stroking himself at the speed he was, trying to keep in time with Tristan's thrusts.

Tristan thrust into him again, and hit his spot just the right way, making Zander's orgasm sneak up on him like a lion in prowl. Zander arched hard into his boyfriend's body and screamed, his hand not stopping for a moment as he spilled onto his stomach and chest.

Watching his boyfriend come all over himself was one of the most seductive and erotic things Tristan had ever seen, and it only took one last thrust before he emptied himself into Zander. He continued to push into him as he rode out his wave of ecstasy, his nails digging into Zander's thighs.

Completely spent, Tristan pulled out of Zander and laid on top of him, loving the feel of his boyfriend's sticky juices transferring onto his own chest. He pushed back Zander's sweaty bangs and pressed his lips to his forehead.

"Why did we wait so long to have car sex?" Zander asked, chuckling and nuzzling into Tristan's neck. His boyfriend merely shrugged and kissed him again.

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