Nightmares or dreams

Asleep or awake

From buildings to you

Each way I'm falling

Falling hard for you

Tears spring into my eyes

Realizing my greatest fear

Has finally come to surface

In nightmares

I fall

My only refuge

The safe ground of consciousness

But what do I do

Now that even when I wake

I fall for you, too

At night

I fall off buildings

At day

I fall for your love

Which is worse?

How can I tell when

Every night I awake

Before I land

And how can I tell

If you're truly dangerous

If we never get that far?

Falling is like an accident in a car

You don't know the damage

Until the impact has been calculated

When things don't end

How can you tell

Who is your friend

And who is the enemy?

Will I continue to fall

Until one day I finally land?

Will you forget me

Or would you give me a hand?

Will you stop me from falling

Or will you catch me

Like the prince I hope you are?

Will my dreams ever get that far?

I'd rather I fall in your strong arms

Than get crushed and heartbroken

So please don't keep stalling

Awake or asleep

With you I will forever be falling