A/N: A story I wrote in 2011 :) I hope you like it. There is a sequel to this! :) So I might post that in a few weeks.

Loving Him…Always

Breathing heavily as Amie took in his scent; Jordan was lying besides her sleeping contently. Slowly, she turned her head and watched his chest rise then fall. As she remembered last night's events, her face and neck was a nice pink. Amie slid out of the bed wrapping her naked body in a sheet. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and took in her dismayed appearance. Her chocolate brown hair was a tangled mess, caramel coloured eyes smudged from black eyeliner and dark brown mascara. Lips were swollen and slightly bruised. Hickeys adorned her neck and collarbone. Grabbing her clothes off the floor she slid into the bathroom and got changed. It took some time to get back into her skintight black dress on.

Eventually she escaped the bedroom, red pumps in one hand and a small clasp in the other. Amie snuck out of the house and walked some distance to her house.

Amie lived on campus at James Cook University (JCU); she lived in campus housing with her two closest friends Emma and Jaycee. She couldn't believe she remembered so much of last night the whole fact of sleeping with her brother's best friend. Memories or no memories, waking up next to him naked kind of answered the question.

"Amie, where were you?" Emma called recognising Amie getting close to their house. Ignoring Emma, she just walked into the house, and straight to her bedroom.

Lying in bed staring at the ceiling she thought back what happened last night. She had gotten smashed and remembered every little detail.

Flashback begin

"Hey Dave, where's the birthday boy?" Amie asked Jordan's housemate happily holding a parcel.

"He's in the kitchen," David replied nonchalantly then turned away to continue his conversation with his girlfriend. She nodded and turned around heading to the kitchen.

She found Jordan leaning against the bench drinking a beer as he listened to Samuel drone on and on, something to do with last night's basketball game. Amie smiled at Jordan as she walked towards him. In response Jordan hugged her straight away. Breathing in the peppermint scent Amie blushed. Her heart raced erratically, she breathed deeply to stop it. She didn't want Jordan to know that she liked him. Amie felt the arms disappear; she looked up and gave him his birthday present staring eyes expressing indifference. Like always she acted like he was her brother's best friend. He IS her brother's best friend and no touchies.

"Amie, what the fuck are you wearing?" Jordan exclaimed surprised, "It's barely there; Aaron is going to kill me." She shrugged and responded.

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him besides I'm eighteen, and I can do whatever I want." (Aaron was Amie's older brother by a year and a half; he was currently on army camp) She turned and left the kitchen grabbing a Vodka Cruiser on the way out. In a swift movement, she opened the bottle and drank a gulp of the Cruiser.

Few hours later

Amie tripped and before she could land on the ground she was caught. She looked up and stared in the steel blue eyes. She had been drinking heavily trying to ignore how much she liked Jordan. She breathed heavily as she stared at Blue Eyes trying to figure out what he was going to do. And she couldn't figure out who the person was.

"Come on Amie, before you hurt yourself," Blue Eyes muttered to her. With a few mutters she felt her hand being dragged away. They went up the stairs tripping every few steps together and went into one of the bedrooms. It looked familiar. It was familiar because it was Jordan's bedroom.

"What are you doing?" She felt his lips on her neck and she shuddered in desire. Groaning, she remembered that she needed to stop drinking, it made her horny. She gave in as Blue Eyes (whom she worked out that it was Jordan) nibbled on her lips. Her lips parted and Jordan's tongue snuck its way in. Before she knew it they were landing on the bed pulling each other's clothes off.

Even though alcohol was a helping hand in getting her this far she was happy. She really did like him a lot.

Flashback end

"I need to talk to her," Jordan told Emma, "it's important." As she heard that voice she had snapped out of her remembrance of last night's events.

"Okay well she seems to be in a mood, so be careful," Emma told Jordan.

Jordan found his way down the hallway to Amie's bedroom. He knocked on the door.

"Go away," She muttered. She really didn't want to see him right now. But she got up and fixed her hair anyways because he would eventually enter anyways even if she had said go away. He came in after a few minutes.

"What do you want Jordan?"

"To talk, can you give me that? Please?"

"Well what happened last night, it's forgotten."


"What?" He kissed her passionately.

"Be mine?" He looked at Amie, eyes showing how he felt. Love. He loved her. She was really surprised. She couldn't give an answer because she was gobsmacked. "Amie?"

"Just uhh... Umm..." She stared at him. Amie noticed a flash of hurt crossed Jordan's face. Swallowing the lump in her throat she spoke again. "Jordan, I'm just uh speechless. It's just that you're my brother's best friend, you know out of bounds."

"Forget your brother Amie, do you like me?"

"I do, very much."

"Well I like you too. I know we need Aaron's approval but I want you. I want you to be mine." His eyes expressed love again.

"I don't know Jordan." Amie thought about Aaron, she concocted a scene in her head with him saying no. She shook her head and turned away from Jordan's waiting eyes.

"Is that a no?" He looked hurt.

"I'm sorry." She felt her own heart break in her ears.

Jordan left. She climbed into her bed and started crying. She wished she had said yes but because of her brother she couldn't give him that answer. Emma and Jaycee rushed into the room bearing chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream and a packet of Maltesers. They must've heard the whole conversation.

"Aww sweetie," Jaycee mumbled as she lay beside Amie. Emma opened the Maltesers and put it in the ice cream. Jaycee pulled the spoons out of her pocket and passed one to Amie. Gratefully Amie grabbed it, sat up at the same time Jaycee did. They sat on the bed the ice cream in the middle and were eating it. For the whole day and nearly the whole night they watched nearly all of the seasons of Grey's Anatomy eating junk food.

The next morning, Amie woke up on the floor her back killing her. She got up and stretched. Emma and Jaycee had already gone. They probably had gone to class. Remembering the previous day she felt her heart ache. She wanted to be his so bad.

She went down the hallway into the kitchen. She wasn't really hungry but she grabbed herself breakfast anyways; she made peanut butter on toast.

Munching it she sat on a sofa in the lounge. She picked up the remote and aimed it at the T.V. The familiar sounds of Spongebob Squarepants played. She snuggled in the sofa watching it.

An hour later someone knocked on the door so she got up and went to answer it. It was her brother Aaron and in the distance she could see Jordan was in the car. He looked like shit. It seemed to show that he wasn't able to sleep at all last night. But she shook that image out of her head and stared at her brother curiously.

"What are you doing here? Aren't you meant to be out of town for army camp?" Amie asked after hugging him.

"I'm home for a weekend," He answered her.

"Oh. Come in then."

"I can't. I'm spending time with Jordan today. Now I wonder, what's up with him? He wouldn't say anything when he got me from the bus stop earlier."

"Oh it's nothing really."

"How is it nothing when he flinched when I asked how you were? Something happened sis and I intend to find out." He looked at her seriously. She looked at the ground eyes brimming with tears. She tried to hide it but her brother pulled her chin up so she was looking into his eyes. "Tell me sis, please." He looked sadly at her.

"Okay, can you get Jordan? We'll tell you together."

"Okay?" He looked confused. Aaron turned away and headed to the car. A few words with Jordan and they were heading back here. Jordan was hunched, hands tucked in his hoodie and staring at the ground. Amie stood aside and they walked into the house.

"So you guys want a drink?"

"No thanks sis."

"Anything to eat?"

"No, sis. Stop trying to put it off."

"Okay okay. Well you want to know what's up with Jordan and me. It's just that we like each other a lot."

"Oh." Jordan then spoke.

"Yeah more than friends is what we are trying to say." Aaron looked at Jordan, me then Jordan again. "Oh! That explains some of it. Why were you both upset?"

"It started Thursday night when we kind of got drunk and yeah." Amie tried to make it sound like there was more." Aaron looked confused. Jordan spoke.

"We slept together."

"What!" Aaron looked like he was going to kill Jordan. Amie grabbed Aaron's hand before he could punch him.

"Don't. I'm in the wrong too."

"But he knows that when you're drunk you get horny."

"Wait, what? You told him that. Just why?" Amie looked angry.

"I had to since I needed him to look out for you." Jordan spoke again to continue telling Aaron about what happened.

"After a night together, Amie left the next morning. I went to see her after I woke up. Amie wanted to forget the whole thing, I didn't want that. I wanted her to be mine." Amie blushed.

"So?" Aaron looked confused about this.

"I wanted your approval brother. I told him no."

"Because I'm your best friend, that whole stupid thing about brother's best friend."

"I thought that wasn't in play because you both were best friends too. I was waiting for you to get together anyways."

"What?" Amie stared at Aaron.

"And you don't need my approval; you've had it since you guys laid eyes on each other. I will leave you two to be to sort it out. Jordan, I'll be in the car." Aaron kissed his sister on the forehead and left.

"Well that was interesting." She stared at the space Aaron inhabited just seconds before.

"So?" The awkward silence was deafening. Amie wanted so many things. She wanted to kiss him better yet experience Thursday night again. And she wanted to just sit on the couch and cuddle up to him. She blushed as desire coursed through her body.

"You should go I guess."

"Not until you have told me what you're thinking about. The blush gives it away beautiful."

"Um, I want you."

"You have me, always."

"No I don't mean that." Amie blushed again.

"What do you mean then?" Amie whispered her response in his ear. She pulled away and saw his eyes widened understanding what she meant. She kissed him on the lips, grabbed his hand and pulled him to her room. The door shut.