Chapter 159 - Experience

Isuru began the first of his series of experiments by licking my ear. It was so sudden and unexpected that I accidentally let out a whimper. A shiver ran through my body, but left a persistent feeling of wanting to be caressed.

"That's an interesting response," he remarked.

My face was completely red. I wanted to hide, but my body wouldn't listen to me. It was longing for more.

He continued with his experiment. This time, he began kissing my neck. Each contact he made with my skin left a lovely burning sensation. He did it slowly, allowing my consciousness to fully integrate the feel of his soft lips and the throbbing urges of my body. I couldn't comprehend what was happening. It was as if my brain stopped working momentarily.

When his hand found its way to my breast and fondled it with careful precision, I let out a soft moan. I didn't like having my breasts touched, but it was undeniably enjoyable. As each second passed, the dissonance of my emotions began to become more apparent.

"H-How far are we going tonight?" I asked.

He smiled warmly. "As far as you'll let me."

A/N: Ugh. This makes me feel like a perv.