Glance at your reflection

Staring at you aimlessly

Your mind is full of questions

Picture of obscurity


Suffocating without answer

In the toxic atmosphere

Despondence growing like a cancer

Only adding to your fear


Stolid in your loneliness

Self-control begins to wilt

Fill your guts with thoughtlessness

And trip upon your guilt


Through swirling winds of torment

A tempest of reality

Live and die within your moment

Pain without validity


Watched by shadows unaware

Of your freedom closing in

Your weakness spilling everywhere

As gravity claims its victim


I awoke from this fantasy

In all the horrors of the dark

And thought about my tragedy

It chilled me to the broken heart


Action without simple knowledge

How very tragic, what a waste

Before taking on the greatest challenge

Re-evaluate your place


The role of cadaver in this tale

Had nearly become mine

But priority and rationale

May someday save your life