For Better, Not For Worse

That broken look in your eyes

You don't know how much it hurts me

What caused it?

A single sheet of paper

Now crumpled

Clutched tightly in your fist

Those chocolate eyes of yours

Look lost and confused

This cannot be happening

Can it?

It's you after all

The paper cannot possibly belong to you

Your voice is soft

You sound incredulous

And I cannot find it in me

To say

I told you so

A year ago

I would have

Gleefully, relishing in your despair

But now, it's as though your pain is mine

I discover that I don't like

Seeing you like this

I miss the sparkle in your eyes

And the mischief in that smile

I want nothing more than to throw my arms around you

Comfort you

But sometimes

I'm a coward

People will talk

So I stick to my words

And I hope that they comfort you

Things will turn around soon

For better, not for worse

Author's Note: Inspired by, but not about, my museā€¦