Her little toes splashed in the puddle
Her eyelids fluttered and she pursed her lips
She'd formed a smile, and it's all I remember now

It was just a walk in the rain, she was my clumsy cousin
Whose little stubby hand wrapped around my thumb
Was the only thing that kept her walking, but she
Was everyone's sunshine, now

Raindrops falling on that marble necklace of hers
Crashing, splashing...they bounced up and down, her brown curls
For she knew not how to stay still, even though she knew
Not how to stand straight

And she knew not what beauty was, skin deep
And she knew not what love was, betrayal
And she knew not what fear was, killing

It was like the chocolate on her tongue
And the whiskey on mine, for

While I'd been burned, she'd never seen the fire
While I'd been scarred, she'd never seen the blades
While I'd been scared, she'd never seen but the light

All she knew was that if she cries long enough, she
Will get what she wants...she got what she wanted, now

When she smiled, she was loved
When she cried, she was loved
When she laughed she was loved
When she shouted, she was loved
When she walked, she was loved
When she talked, she was loved

It's funny how age shatters
The innocence to these things
The memories of my childhood,
Burn deeper than ever now

But yesterday never becomes today,
Today just turns to, tomorrow
And I've become a bad memory
To my own self now.