Love Struck Girl

I'm sorry

That he's on my mind all day

I'm sorry

That you don't understand

How I try not to think of him everyday

I'm sorry

That today you're not going to let me explain

Just how I feel

And how I can't complain

That I'm a love stricken girl

I don't need the world

I only want a chance

To make him part of mine

Why do you act

Like this is such a crime?

I'm still aware

That there is more to life

Then love affairs

I still care

That I have the rest of my life

To seal myself off to become a wife

I know I still have life to live

I know I have more love to give

And I know as a father

It's alright to worry

But still I'm sorry

If this makes you sad

I'm sorry

It makes you so mad

I'm sorry

You don't see what I see

I'm sorry

You only see

What his family's done in the past

I'm sorry

You don't see us as something that will last

I'm sorry

You don't give him a chance

I'm sorry

That you don't see my world

I'm sorry

You can't understand

This love stricken girl