The Empty Glass -by Shauni Cooper

The glass is empty

Not again

The happiness is gone

Grief now slithers within me


Is this what I look forward to?

Momentary bliss that ends in sheer disappointment?

I made a promise

Now my veins contain sorrow


One sip can't hurt me

I lied to myself

Giving in, I swallow my conscience

I need to be happy, if only for just a moment


I lie awake in bed

Remorse coursing through me

When was my last decent night of sleep?

All I want is to be happy


Hangovers, headaches, and judgments

My daily routine, schedule

It has to stop

If I am ever to be proud of myself


Rebirth, a new me emerges

I kept my promise

The empty glass no longer holds me captive

A new chapter in my life begins…

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