In the eyes of Lucky- by Shauni Cooper

I'm waiting, just waiting

For you to come back

I'm jumping with joy as I see you

You are the master of the pack


Then as I see you face and hand raised,

I cower away

And await my punishment

It's nice to see you today


I can't help it, I love you so much

That is not my name

Why do you beat me? It hurts

I just wanted to play a game


I can only wonder

If you will feed me today

If you don't, that's okay

I love you anyways


My name is not Stupid anymore

Lucky is my new name

I have a new master now

But still I feel afraid


I see a hand raised

And I descend upon the floor

I tremble in fear

As soft strokes caress my sores


I am now quite happy

I eat a lot and play

No one beats me, but pets me

This is where I wish to stay

Author's Note: Hey! First of all, shout out to my friend Meadow Frost for the idea and for being part of the freak clan! :D Second, check out some of her work! Seriously, really good stuff! :) Third, if you even read this far, you better review or else all the muffins in the world will disappear! :D R&R!