Damien stared at the door as if it were an alien. It was a few minutes and more banging until he came back to his senses and jumped to his feet. He rushed over to the door and pulled the couch out of the way. When he opened it two people ran in.

"Close it" the man shouted just as Damien slammed it shut and both he and the man moved to the couch back. Damien looked up at the two newcomers. The other one was a woman, somebody he had seen going into the HealthPharm building a couple of times.

"You" Damien said as he made a move to the woman, "you people did this?" he asked. The man stepped in front of Damien, blocking him from getting closer to her.

"Look. It was an accident" the man said but all this did was anger Damien.

"Accident?" Damien shouted, "People are getting killed out there. My own brother just had to shoot a guy who just got right back up afterwards." Just as Damien said this Alex regain conciousness. He let out a low moan as he pushed himself into a sitting position. He turned to his brother and the two others.

"W-what's going on?" Alex asked, wincing as a wave of pain shot through his skull. Damien stopped shouting and looked to Alex before rushing to his side.

"It's okay Alex" Damien said, resting his hand on Alex's shoulder. Alex looked to the man and woman and recognized the man as the one who was in the black car earlier today.

"Look. We can argue later. For now we need to barricade this place" the man said as he made his way over to the two brothers. "My name's Kean" he said, stretching out his hand to Damien. Damien looked at him for a second before letting out a sigh and taking his hand.

"I'm Damien and this is Alex" Damien said, introducing him and Alex to Kean.

"And I'm Laura" the woman said and waved slightly. Alex stood up with the help of Damien and suddenly realized he was still just in his boxers.

"Erm...I'm just going to get dressed" Alex said and made for the stairs. He still felt dizzy after passing out and had to use the wall as a support as he made his way up stairs and into his room. He fell onto his bed, letting out a deep sigh and just stared up at the ceiling. He was trying to wrap his head around all of this. It didn't seem real. Things like this only ever happened in movies and yet here they were, in some form of what Alex could only call a zombie apocalypse.

He wait for a few more minutes and then got up, taking a pair of sweat pants and a shirt from his wardrobe, as well as some socks and his trainers. He got dressed and then made his way back down to the others he were now piling anything they could find against the back door. Alex walked over to one of the living room windows and looked through a crack in the wood. The street looked empty but distant cries could be heard all around.

"Alex" Damien said, causing Alex to jump slightly. He turned to his brother, "Can you come help us with this?" he asked, gesturing with his hand to the doorway that leads to the kitchen. Alex nodded and followed his brother. "Help Kean board up the windows."

"Okay" Alex said and picked up the second hammer that lay on the kitchen counter. It was merely a coincidence they had a lot of wood laying around. Damien would us it to build furniture during his spare time as a hobby.

"Hold this here while I hammer" Kean said, holding a plank of wood against the window. Alex put the hammer down and took the wood in his hands while Kean staring hammering away, nailing the wood to the window frame. This went on for an hour or so, moving from window to window on all the downstairs windows.

After they finished the last window both of them moved on to the door. They only had 6 planks of wood left so it was a patchy job and they kept the couch against the door just to be safe. Alex and Kean took a seat on the couch, both tired.

"You're the kid I saw this afternoon aren't you?" Kean said after a few moments of silence.

"First of all I am seventeen, I am barely a kid. But yes, it was me" Alex said. It annoyed him when people called him a kid. It made him feel useless.

"Sorry" Kean said, not meaning to offend Alex. Alex shook his head and smiled at Kean.

"So...what is this exactly?" he asked Kean, hoping he could shed a little light on what they were up against.

"Even we don't know" Kean replied. "The project had been in the works for nine years and we thought we had made a breakthrough. But it all went wrong." Kean felt a wave of sadness wash over him. He thought about all of the friends he had just lost in the space of two hours. He would never forgive himself for what he and Laura had taken part in.

Alex could sense the shift in Kean. He looked into Kean's eyes and could see the pain behind them. He decided not to ask anymore questions for now. "I'm hungry" Alex said as he stood up. "Want anything?" he asked Kean.

"A drink would be nice. Water?" Kean replied. Alex nodded and turned to make his way into the kitchen. He then noticed the gun on the floor where he had passed out. The image of him shooting the guy in the chest flashed through his mind and he shuddered. He pushed the memory from his mind and went into the ktichen where Damien and Laura were talking.

"Hey" he greeted.

"How you doin' bud?" Damien asked, hoping his brother was coping okay with all of this.

"Okay I guess" Alex muttered. He opened the fridge and took out two bottled water's as well as some ham and butter. He took the break from the bread bin and mustard from the cupboard and quickly made himself and Kean a sandwich. He knew Kean didn't ask for it but he made it anyway. "You want one?" he turned and asked Damien and Laura.

"I'm okay. Thanks" Laura said.

"Me too bud" Damien replied and continued his conversation with Laura. Alex took the water and sandwich's into Kean.

"I know you didn't ask for one but I made it anyway. Hope you like ham and mustard" Alex said and handed Kean the food and a bottle of water.

"Thanks" Kean replied. Silence fell between the two of them as they ate. Kean was thinking about Eugene and how he would never see him again. Alex was too busy still trying to come to terms with all of this. The next few months are going to be rocky and if either of them want to survive they will have to trust each other. But that is easier said than done.

A/N: So...its been a long time. Over 2 years in fact. I want to apologise any of my old readers, if you are even reading this. And would like to thank any new readers for giving this story a chance.